Prepare your Mac for OS X Mountain Lion with CleanMyMac

This summer Apple introduces a brand-new iPad-inspired operational system for Mac. Get your Mac prepared for OS X Mountain Lion by cleaning it with CleanMyMac, the ultimate Mac maintenance solution. Download CleanMyMac for Lion  Download CleanMyMac

How to get ready for OS X 10.8?

Get ready to Mountain Lion
Get up-to-date and be sure to have the latest versions of your apps
Back up files at Mac
Back up your files to avoid risks of losing important data
CleanMyMac for Mountain Lion
Free up additional space on your hard drive with CleanMyMac
Mountain Lion - Mac AppStore
Install Mountain Lion using the Mac App Store when available

Why CleanMyMac?

Just Scan your HDD or SSD, then hit Clean and have your Mac cleaned in a matter of seconds!
CleanMyMac will help you free up to 10 GB of space needed for typical installation of Mac OS X
After installing Mountain Lion you can launch CleanMyMac again and reclaim even more free space

F.A.Q. on Mountain Lion upgrade

Q How to save space on your hard drive?

A If you had recently bought a Mac, then cleaning your Mac’s hard drive is more about sticking to a few simple advice:

  • Regularly look through your hard drives to find unnecessary files and remove them to Trash. Empty your Trash every now and then.
  • Move old and archived files to DVD-disks, thumb drives or other external storages.
  • Remove unused applications by moving the corresponding files from the Applications folder to Trash.

If you’re an advanced Mac user, then there are more ways to clean up your Mac and thus free more space before Mountain Lion installation (or for any other reason possible). In short, you can

  • clean web browser and application caches. In most situations caches speed up your Mac, but sometimes they become outdated and simply clutter the hard drive of your Mac. Clean caches to reclaim another few gigabytes. New and better optimized cache files will be generated by applications automatically on their next launch.
  • delete useless system files, such as localization files for languages you don’t use, universal binaries to support architectures other than you current Mac has and so on.
  • remove application leftovers that can remain on your HDD or SSD even after you had uninstalled those applications.
However, all this can be done in two clicks with CleanMyMac, a solution for cleaning up your Mac machine from useless files. Simply hit Scan and then Clean and the app will automatically free up additional space on your Mac.

Q How much space for Mountain Lion do you need?

A If you are upgrading from Lion to Mountain Lion, then you need 8 GB for installation files and additional 15% of free hard disk space for the system to work stably after installation, as practice shows.

To know how much hard drive space you have (free and occupied) open Finder, choose one of your hard drives and click Get Info in the contextual menu. Alternatively, you can get the similar info via Apple’s Disk Utility.

Free up the necessary amount of space by methods described above or buy an additional hard drive (in this case we recommend you to buy SSD drives, since they are much faster than HDDs).

If you have Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you will need to upgrade to Lion before upgrading to Mountain Lion. 4 GB of free space will be enough room for Lion upgrade, but the same 15% of free hard drive space are needed to ensure stable performance.

Q How to prepare for upgrade to Mountain Lion?

A First of all, check your Mac compatibility with Mountain Lion here:

If it is, then do the following:

  1. Launch Software Update through Spotlight or by clicking the corresponding option in the upper left Apple menu. The app will check whether all of your apps are up-to-date and will offer to upgrade those that are not.
  2. Back up your files using Apple’s Time Machine or any third party solution. Upgrading to Mountain Lion is totally safe for your Mac, and backing up important information is a measure for anticipating unexpected issues, such as a blackout or a detail breakdown in your Mac.
  3. Download and install CleanMyMac to free up additional gigabytes of space if necessary. On average CleanMyMac cleans approximately 8 GB on its first launch. Also, use CleanMyMac to completely remove unneeded applications, plugins, widgets and preference panes.

Now, get ready to install Mountain Lion!

Q Finally, How to upgrade a Mac to OS X Mountain Lion?

A Now that your Mac is ready for upgrade, open the Mac App Store and purchase Mountain Lion just like you purchase any other app. After that Mountain Lion will be downloaded. Now you can open this file and follow further instructions to install it and upgrade Mac OS X to Mountain Lion.

CleanMyMac. The number one utility to prepare for Mountain Lion upgrade.*

Download CleanMyMac for Lion  Download CleanMyMac