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The Simplest, Safest Way to Clean Your Mac

CleanMyMac 2 is an ingeniously simple, yet surprisingly powerful application for keeping your Mac clean, organized, and free of files that slow it down. It's simply the best app for cleaning up your Mac!
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Automatic Cleanup

The safest and simplest way to clean up your Mac.

  • Cache FilesUser and System Cache Files
  • LogsUser and System Logs
  • Applications ExtrasDev Junk, Universal Binaries, Languages
  • Safe iPhoto Library itemsRotated photos, RAWs, Fixed Red-Eye
  • Trash FoldersTrashes on HD, external drives and iPhoto
Surprisingly smart
CleanMyMac 2 is an intelligent Mac cleaner. After it has scanned your system for junk, Automatic Cleanup algorithms find only those files that are completely safe to delete and that won't affect the stability and performance of your Mac when removed.
Lightning fast
Automatic Cleanup was redesigned from scratch for speed. Hardware-optimized scanning and cleanup processes find and clean junk on your Mac amazingly fast. Plus, the newly designed layout walks you through every step of cleaning your Mac, saving you tons of time!

System Cleanup.


Remove 11 different types of junk.

User Cache Files

What is it?
A newly installed application may generate cache files to help it load and work faster. But after some time has passed, those cache files become outdated and the app stops using them.

Why remove it?
If you clean outdated caches on your Mac, your apps will automatically generate new and fresh cache files to help the current versions of your apps load and operate faster.

System Cache Files

What is it?
System applications generate and keep a lot of cache files. Storing too many of these files can ultimately result in longer startup times, slower Mac performance and even a Mac that doesn’t function properly.

Why remove it?
For the most part, these cache files are extra baggage. Cleaning caches on your Mac will decrease the number of outdated files you store, speed up your Mac’s startup times, and increase overall system performance.

User Log Files

What is it?
Many Mac applications have their own log files containing information on your activity. If an app crashes, your Mac can send these logs to the developer so that they can see what happened and fix the problem.

Why remove it?
Sometimes logs contain too much information, and use a fair amount of disk space. If you rarely send app crash reports, it’s fine to clean log files from your Mac to save some extra disk space.

System Log Files

What is it?
Like user logs, the activity of system applications and services is also being captured by numerous logs, which can be sent to the developer for debugging purposes if an application crashes.

Why remove it?
Sometimes, these logs contain too much information, which can slow down an app. If you rarely send app crash reports, you can clean system logs on your Mac to save space and increase app performance.

Broken Preferences

What is it?
Many apps keep preferences in special files that tell the app how to operate. Over time, these can be corrupted due to a variety of reasons: a sudden blackout, app crash, hard drive corruption and so on.

Why remove it?
Broken preferences may cause app instability or even make the app impossible to use. Removing a broken preference will change that app’s preferences to the default state, allowing you to start using it in its normal mode.

Broken Login Items

What is it?
Login Items are a list of applications and services that launch when your Mac starts up. In some cases, after an application or a service gets removed, a broken link to it remains among your Login Items.

Why remove it?
Keeping your Login Items clean from broken links will ensure your Mac won’t spend its resources on looking for non-existing apps or showing distracting error messages.

iOS Software Updates

What is it?
Every time you connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to iTunes and update it, a copy of a software update file is downloaded to your Mac.

Why remove it?
You will probably never have use for your update files. If you do, you can re-download them from iTunes. Removing them will save you a significant amount of space on your Mac.

iOS Photo Cache

What is it?
iOS Photo Cache is a local copy of images you sync to your mobile device that makes the sync process fast and straightforward. However, this cache remains on your Mac after the process is over.

Why remove it?
This copy of synced images is only used once during the particular sync. The next time you copy photos to your device, a new portion of iOS Photo Cache will be created, which is why you can easily remove them.

Universal Binaries

What is it?
Universal Binaries were compiled both for Intel and PowerPC architectures. On your Mac, you only use one architecture code, so you may have PC code on your system that never gets executed and is taking up valuable disk space.

Why remove it?
Removing the unnecessary code from universal binaries can speed up load times for your Mac and save considerable disk space on your system.

Development Junk

What is it?
Applications usually create some supporting files on your system while they are being installed or configured. Afterwards, these files are useless and just sit there.

Why remove it?
Removing these files from your system frees up space on your Mac, which in turn can enhance your system’s overall performance.

Language Files

What is it?
Most applications are available in more than a dozen languages, and most of these language files are installed on your system with the app. Unless you want to use the app in multiple languages, these files are just wasting space.

Why remove it?
Removing language files is a great way to slim down your apps and free up a significant amount of disk space on your system.
Find every bit of junk and speed up your Mac
CleanMyMac 2 scans your system for the 11 different types of junk shown above. You can manually review what CleanMyMac 2 has found, or simply hit “Clean” and let it automatically remove the files that are safe for deletion.

Large & Old Files

Find large files you’d forgotten about.

Delete the space-hoggers
Find all those huge files you’d completely forgotten about and remove the ones you no longer need, such as movies you’ve watched long ago or files you downloaded and reviewed only once. Scan with precision
CleanMyMac 2 offers numerous sorting options to help you find files that meet specific criteria, such as files that haven’t been opened in some time, or files that are larger than a certain size. There’s no better way to locate those giant files hiding out on your system.

iPhoto Cleanup*

Find and remove large images you didn’t know you had.

Find what you can’t see
Your iPhoto library is a lot larger than you think it is. Every time a photo is cropped, rotated or changed, its modified file is stored in the iPhoto library, while the original is kept hidden. CleanMyMac 2 locates all of those hidden originals.
*CleanMyMac 2 works with iPhoto ’11 (version 9+)
Auto or manual cleaning
You can let CleanMyMac 2 automatically select which invisible originals are safe to remove. Or you can manually review each image and remove only those you no longer want. How much space you clear is up to you!


Manage and uninstall
programs on your Mac.

Locate your apps
Use CleanMyMac 2 to locate every app on your Mac - not only those in the Applications folder, but also those hiding out on other parts of your system.
Delete old apps
Instantly uninstall programs on your Mac that you no longer use along with all associated files, or remove all files that remain from previously Trashed apps.
No more Leftovers
If you used to uninstall applications by dragging them to Trash, then you have tons of apps leftovers! Find and remove them using CleanMyMac2.
Uninstall incompatible apps
If an app is no longer compatible with the architecture or OS X version of your Mac, CleanMyMac 2 will inform you and let you safely uninstall it.

Extensions Manager

Don’t just free up space on your Mac - free up resources too.

Manage all extensions
Do you still have Safari plugins or Growl extensions that you no longer need? From one screen, you can see every installed extension and get rid of the ones that clutter space and slow down your system.
Uninstall or disable extensions
If you know for sure there’s an extension you don’t need, simply click Remove. If you believe it is useless but you’re not sure, use CleanMyMac 2 to disable it first. If it doesn’t affect you Mac, remove it.


Get rid of your files once and for all.

Wipe out unneeded data
Use Eraser to delete unwanted files bypassing Trash.
If you have sensitive data that needs to vanish, select the “Secure Erase” option. Like a physical paper shredder, this function makes sure your files are irretrievable. Use CleanMyMac 2 to erase files fast and securely.

Trash Cleanup.


There are more Trash folders than you think.

One Location to Empty all Trash Folders
Did you know that every hard drive on your Mac has its own Trash? And even every external drive connected to you Mac has its own Trash! Some of the apps you have installed like iPhoto or Aperture also have their own Trash. CleanMyMac 2 is a powerful Mac trash cleaner that erases files in every Trash bin on your system in one click.

Designed for Enjoyment

Cleaning your Mac has never been so easy or fun.

Redesigned for speed
Like a finely tuned car, the new CleanMyMac 2 was re-designed from the ground up to be fast and responsive. There’s no waiting for functions to perform - just push a button and the software is off and running.
Super simple to use
CleanMyMac 2 takes the guesswork out of cleaning your Mac. Single buttons for cleaning and scanning, a simple module structure and entertaining tutorials all are purposely designed to get you working faster.

Safer Than Ever.


Perfected by years of engineering and more than one million users.

Tried and tested
Three years of engineering, countless hours of testing, and more than one million users have all helped make CleanMyMac 2 the safest and simplest Mac cleaning software on the market.



Plan your Mac cleanup.

Clean with convenience
Just like a car or an apartment, your Mac requires a regular cleanup. Use CleanMyMac 2’s built-in Scheduler to plan those cleanings around your agenda. Don’t worry about forgetting - the Scheduler can notify you to clean your Mac as often as you’d prefer.



CleanMyMac 2 speaks your language.

Available in 9 languages
We’ve localized CleanMyMac 2 into English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese so that you can enjoy the process of cleaning and maintaining your Mac in your own language.

Multi-language customer support
If you have any questions regarding CleanMyMac 2, you can contact our customer support in your own language and they will do their best to address your issue.

Stats Sharing.


Gather and share
your cleaning results.

Intelligent Drop Zone

Enjoy drag and drop simplicity.

Simply smarter
Just drag a file, a folder, an application or an iPhoto Library into CleanMyMac’s main window and it will visually recommend an action. You can also drag and drop items directly onto CleanMyMac’s icon to get the same result.
The Best Mac Cleanup App
Free up disk space on your Mac by performing a detailed system cleanup that optimizes your iPhoto Library and organizes old files, applications, and extensions on your hard drive. Everything you need to clean your Mac in one powerful, easy-to-use Mac cleaner.
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For OS X 10.7+, 40 MB space
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19 Feb 2015