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The Simplest, Safest Way to Clean Your Mac

CleanMyMac 2 is an ingeniously simple, yet surprisingly powerful application for keeping your Mac clean, organized, and free of files that slow it down. It's simply the best app for cleaning up your Mac!
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A gorgeous, easy-to-use interface makes it fun to clean up your Mac!
Do an iPhoto Cleanup to Optimize Your iPhoto Library

Love this software, it has kept my 17' MacBook Pro and my new 27' iMac running fast. I am super happy with the CleanMyMac, with approximately 2 months of use, I have saved over 161 GB of precious hard drive space.
Craig Fine
San Jose, California
I love CleanMyMac, this is just the best cleaner for your Mac OS X. And I am glad I have got it. So yes I'm a huge fan!
Daniel van Vliet
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CleanMyMac saved 71.97 GB of free space on my MacBook Air since August 2013. This is the best purchase ever! Keep up the great work guys!
Jeffrey Van Den Broek
Utrecht, Netherlands
Awesome! Thanks so much, and thanks for the great service. Love the app. DocMurdock - APPROVED & RECOMMENDED.
Michael Murdock
Huntington Beach, CA
I just wanted to say that I love your app. I don’t usually provide such feedback but I feel urged to let you know. Thanks for you and your team's hard work and the awesome updates.
Lee McMahon
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Couldn't work out for the life of me why I had no space left on my hard drive... Thanks to CleanMyMac I found a 96.26 Gb .mov file hidden away. I actually recommend this program it was very helpful!
James Ronan
London, UK
Man, MacPaw seriously makes the best apps. I've been a customer for years and nothing gets my mac as clean!
Tyler Waaler
Sydney, Australia
Fantastic app. I had no idea how much space could have been recovered. I've always done my best to keep my drive uncluttered. Forget maintenance, this does it all and super fast. Brilliant.
Rob Benter
Thank you so much CleanMyMac, I downloaded Cleanmymac 2 and I have never regretted it! It cleaned 20.3GB from my Mac! I have to say I am very impressed with your software and I give it 10/10.
Harrison Jones
Sydney, Australia

Clean Your Entire Mac

Macs are simple. Mac cleaners should be too. With CleanMyMac 2 you can scan every inch of your Mac with just one click. Automatic Mac Cleanup algorithms will then select only the files that are 100% safe to delete, so you'll never have to worry about the wrong files being erased.
Learn more about the simplicity of cleaning your Mac ▸

Delete Large, Forgotten Files

CleanMyMac 2 doesn’t just look for system junk - it also finds large files you’ve forgotten about or haven’t opened in a while such as movies, .dmg files, and unpacked archives. CleanMyMac 2 has a built-in data filter that makes finding and removing these old, bulky files a simple task.
Here's more on how CleanMyMac 2 finds old and large files ▸

Optimize Your iPhoto Library

Every time you change an image in iPhoto, its modified copy appears in your library and the original is hidden by iPhoto. CleanMyMac 2 finds those hidden files and lets you remove them to free up more disk space for other useful items without harming your iPhoto collection.
Requires iPhoto 11 (version 9+)
An in-depth look at iPhoto cleanup features ▸

Manage Your Applications

CleanMyMac 2 assists you in keeping track of all your apps. It helps you correctly and completely uninstall Mac applications you don't need anymore or those that are no longer compatible with your Mac. It also identifies leftovers of previously removed Mac applications.
More about how to manage and remove your Mac applications ▸

Review Your Extensions

CleanMyMac 2 also lets you review and remove unneeded widgets, plugins, preference panes and much more. CleanMyMac 2 is the best Mac cleaning software on the market and it features an easy-to-use interface along with special tips on how to clean your Mac the best way possible.
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Our Corporate Clients

Clean My Mac: Facebook corporate client
Clean My Mac: Tel Aviv University corporate client
Tel Aviv University
Clean My Mac: Vega system integrator corporate client
Vega system integrator
Clean My Mac: Butler Community College corporate client
Butler Community College

A Whole Bunch of Useful Features

Full Scan
Scan your Mac from top to bottom with one click
Safe Mac Cleanup
Remove only files that are 100% safe to delete
Large File Scanner
Review large files you haven’t opened in a while
iPhoto Optimizer
Delete hidden copies of iPhoto images
Trash Maintainer
Erase deleted data on internal and external drives
Apps Uninstaller
Do a complete uninstall on the apps you no longer need
Extension Manager
Review and remove app extensions on your Mac
Data Shredder
Erase files and leave no trace of them behind
Simple Scheduler
Schedule regular cleanings to keep your Mac tidy
Flexible Cleaning
Tag files that should be left untouched
Clean with Ease
Surprisingly simple and intuitive interface
Sleek Design
A polished design makes it easy to clean up your Mac
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Buzz about CleanMyMac 2

@macpaw I finally did it! Thx 4 #CleanMyMac! Awesome app!
09:56 PM - 05 Jun 14
An app that i have come to use daily THE BEST app to help clean mac #CleanMyMac.
Matthew Gibbon
11:22 PM - 07 May 14
#CleanMyMac Great Mac Application.
03:39 PM - 30 May 14
Thanks to @macpaw for #Cleanmymac2 . My Macbook Pro is now Super Fast and Clean
John D Ebenezer
12:30 PM - 03 May 14
The Best Mac Cleanup App
Free up disk space on your Mac by performing a detailed system cleanup that optimizes your iPhoto Library and organizes old files, applications, and extensions on your hard drive. Everything you need to clean your Mac in one powerful, easy-to-use Mac cleaner.
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16 Jul 2014