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How to Remove Plugins and Extensions on Mac OS X


How to manage and remove plugins and extensions on Mac

If you have extensions you're not using, they can slow down your Mac and sluggish web browsing. How to delete them? You can remove it manually. But it takes a lot of time and some specific skills.

If you tried to remove extensions manually but nothing happened, we suggest using a Mac utility like CleanMyMac. This is the one app you really need if you want to save time! Just upload it and you are ready to go!

CleanMyMac 3's Extensions allows to remove or disable your Widgets, Application Plugins, Preference Panes, Dictionaries, Screen Savers, and Login Items easily.

Apart from ordinary applications, there are quite a lot of other software components on your system, that can be generally described as extensions. This module of CleanMyMac automatically sorts these items into the corresponding groups for you to work with:

  • Plugins
    Additions that expand application functionality, but are often hard to be removed, since they don't necessarily have dedicated uninstallers.
  • Widgets
    Your small Dashboard apps can be easily disabled or completely removed along with all related data.
  • Login Items
    Manage the list of applications that will be automatically launched every time you log in.
  • Preference Panes
    All of your Preference Panes come with tons of support files spread over the system, which are hard to locate without CleanMyMac.
  • Screen Savers
    Removing an unnecessary screen saver correctly is easy with CleanMyMac. However, you can also disable one to make it temporarily unavailable for System Preferences.
  • Dictionaries
    Not all the inbuilt Mac OS dictionaries are of any use for you, but they do waste space. You can easily remove unnecessary dictionaries or disable them temporarily.

deleting extensions on Mac

After you have reviewed the lists, you can click the ‘Disable’ button next to virtually any item to isolate it from your system:

Or, you can select items for complete removal using their corresponding checkboxes.

Remember that disabling an extension is an easily-reversible operation, however, if you decide on removing an item completely, you will not be able to undo this action.

If needed, any of the listed items can be added to CleanMyMac’s Ignore List so that it never offers to remove them later.

After you have looked through the sections you found interesting and selected the unwanted items, you can go ahead and use the main Remove button to finalize your work.

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