How to remove startup items in OS X?

What are startup items?

Startup items are a list of services and applications that should launch on every Mac startup. However, sometimes when you remove an application or a service, it leaves a login item with a broken link. Thus, such login items are completely useless and just cause unwanted messages or spend Mac resources on looking for non-existing applications. You can safely get rid of some of the login items.

How to clean up startup items manually?

Go to System Preferences (using the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen), then select Users & Groups. Using the list on the left find your account and select it. Then proceed to Login Items. Here you can manage this list and add or remove login items however you want.

If speaking of files, first go to the system folder /Library/StartUpItems. Here you’ll find all the files that are being launched with the system. You can delete the login item you think is necessary if you’re totally sure what you are doing.

Also, the /Library/LaunchDaemons folder contains a bunch of preference files that define how the application that is being launched along with the system should work. You might want to delete some of these files as well if you know you don’t need them and removing them is safe.

The /Library/LaunchAgents contains preference files responsible for the apps that launch during the login process (not the startup).

The above-mentioned folders contain app-related files. However, you can also check system folders to review whether you need some of the system applications to be running on startup:

1) /System/Library/LaunchDaemons - note that besides preference files this folder contains other important system items that are recommended to keep untouched.

2) /System/Library/LaunchAgents - most probably, you won’t also find anything worth removing in this folder, however, keeping this location in mind might help you find files related to a problematic app that causes troubles on Mac startup.

Similar to the the System LaunchAgents there probably won’t be anything in this folder worth checking out, however, if you have a problematic application that messes about on login, you can try to trace it back from this folder.

Anyway, if you’re looking for simple ways to remove login items, you can take advantage of such automated solution as CleanMyMac 3.

How to remove startup items automatically?

With CleanMyMac 3 you can find and remove startup items in only two clicks:

1) Launch CleanMyMac 3 and hit Scan, the main button in the lower part of interface.

2) After scan in complete, hit Clean. That will clean your system from various types of needless files, including the broken login items.

Alternatively, you can proceed to the System Junk module, open Review Details using the same-named button. There, check only Broken Login Items to remove them exclusively on clicking the Clean button.

Download CleanMyMac 3 to Remove Startup Items From Your Mac!

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