The best software for cleaning your Mac
Improve performance of your Mac
and get rid of unneeded and junk files*

Clean caches that slow
down your Mac

System Junk
Clean out unneeded files
and make applications
load faster

Languages Files
Leave only languages
you speak

Extension Manager
Manage all system extensions
and plugins easily
in one place

System and User Logs
Remove log files which
you never read

Universal Binaries
Get rid of unneeded

App Uninstaller
Uninstall applications and
all traces correctly

Leftovers & Trash
Quickly and easily find and remove leftovers
and trash files

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Why CleanMyMac?
  • Complex Mac cleaning solution
  • Easy to use
  • Helps to gain extra disk space
  • Speeds up your Mac hard drive
  • Improves Mac OS X performance
  • Outstanding customizable interface
  • Dependable customer support
  • Regular free software updates
Main Features
  • Caches and logs cleanup
  • Unneeded languages removal
  • Accurate application uninstaller
  • Quick and secure file erase
  • Slims universal binaries
  • Intelligent .pkg deinstallation
  • Removal of hidden service files
  • Finds and removes leftovers
Internationalized Localized interface in:
  • English language
  • Español lengua
  • Deutsch sprache
  • Italiano lingua
  • Français langue
  • Русский язык
  • Português do Brasil
  • 日本語
  • Język Polski

Your site and software is beautiful. In fact, the whole user experience is fantastic. Someone at your company (or more likely, a few people) are amazing software
architects and user experience experts. Thanks for making great software!
— Joshua Albrechtsen —
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