Getting Started with CleanMyMac 3

How to Activate CleanMyMac 3

In order to activate the full version of CleanMyMac 3, you must purchase it from the MacPaw Store. After purchasing, take the activation number you received in your purchase confirmation email and follow these steps:

    1. Launch CleanMyMac 3.

    2. Click “Unlock Full Version” in the left-hand corner.

    3. Paste your activation number into the dialog that appears.

    4. Voila, you’re done.


Doing Your First Scan with CleanMyMac 3

Once you’ve finished activating CleanMyMac 3, it’s time to do a complete scan of your Mac with the Smart Cleanup module:

    1. Click Smart Cleanup at the top-left of the application.

    2. Click Scan at the bottom of the application.

    3. Once it’s finished scanning, click Clean.


And it’s not just the Smart Cleanup module that works this way, but nearly all of CleanMyMac 3.

Explore the application a bit and see what they all do. If you’re looking for more information on how to use CleanMyMac 3, check out our video tutorials and FAQs section. If you’re still having trouble and the links below don’t help, contact our support team via this form.

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