What is “Secure Erase" and why do you need it

Secure erase is a way for you to permanently delete a data from your computer. When you delete a file the old fashion way by dropping it in the Recycle Bin the data from the file will remain on the computer even after the bin is emptied. That is because when you erase files the actual data itself isn’t erased but rather the location of the file. So basically when you delete something the file isn’t erased but the computer deletes its own directions it uses to find the file.

There the data from the deleted file will still sit until it is eventually overwritten by another file. This can pose a risk for people who need to delete sensitive information. Especially if you plan to one day sell your computer. By using CleanMyPC’s secure erase feature your computer will write over the leftover data from the deleted file making it unrecoverable.

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