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CleanMyMac X 4.1.0. “Alex Zambrano” Here comes the new CleanMyMac X 4.1.0. With this update we’ve decided to change our approach to our releases a little bit. From now on, every regular update will bear a human name and it will be named after you — our users and fans. Those of you who provided… Read more... Just released: CleanMyMac X, the 10th anniversary edition Hey Mac users, we’ve got an app premiere for you. Our new baby, CleanMyMac X has just been born. Why calling it X? Firstly, because this year it's our 10th anniversary and the X is our tribute to that and the first CleanMyMac created by Oleksandr Kosovan back in 2008.… Read more... We made an iPhone app for those who have too many photos An average iPhone user takes an astounding 10,000 photos every year. And while we just made that up, the truth is people do take a lot of photos with their iPhones. Christmas dinners with in-laws, backpacking trips to South America, silly concert selfies — you know, memories. But photos have… Read more... CleanMyMac 3 is getting ready for macOS Mojave As soon as Apple revealed its next version of macOS at WWDC, we laid our hands on the Developer Beta and started working on CleanMyMac 3 compatibility with Mojave. And it didn’t take us long to prepare the first CleanMyMac Beta — it’s already live. Yippee! But before upgrading to… Read more... Win iPhone X for your photo story Our favorite thing about iPhone is that everyone can take great photos with it. You can capture the unique way you see the world using nothing but a slim aluminum thing that’s always in your pocket. But we believe you can go even further and take great photos that say… Read more... Gemini 2 got the Red Dot Award It’s rare that MacPawers give up their jeans and sneakers in favor of ties and dress shoes, but that’s exactly what happened on October 27. In glamorous Konzerthaus Berlin, the well-dressed team behind Gemini 2 received their well-deserved Red Dot Award. Since 1955, Red Dot has existed to reward good design, with its… Read more... Please give a warm welcome to Wallpaper Wizard 2 Some six years ago, a Ukrainian company named Coppertino — who happen to be our good friends — made an app. It solved a trivial but common problem: how do you regularly get fresh desktop pictures without going through the tedium of image search in Google? Users loved Wallpaper Wizard, because it… Read more... MacPaw acquires The Unarchiver and commits to making it even better MacPaw just bought the Unarchiver, one of the Top Free apps on the Mac App Store. We’re super stoked about the news. We promise to maintain, improve, and keep it free for everyone. Now let us tell you the whole story. This week we did something big: we took it… Read more... CleanMyMac 3 is gearing up for High Sierra WWDC is essentially Christmas for Mac developers: we get to play with the new macOS, goggle at new gadgets, and tie all that goodness into our apps. This year was no different. As soon as macOS High Sierra was announced, we got our hands on a developer beta and started working on… Read more... Keeping Apple History Alive at MacPaw Have you ever held a NeXTcube? It’s a tesseract. It’s an alien thing that was for no reason brought to us earthlings. Apple devices have always looked a bit out-of-this-world and that’s why we like them so much. So no wonder that when there’s a chance to get a huge… Read more...

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