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The evolution of the revolution: Setapp gets a UI revamp Our users have been asking for a better structured Setapp to help them explore apps easily and make choices quickly. So, we built exactly that. If history has taught us anything about revolutions it’s that you better not lose touch with the crowd. Even if your revolution is limited to… Read more... Setapp officially launches. The revolution begins. It’s Here! Can you feel in your bones that everything is about to change? A little over a month ago we announced the public beta of Setapp, our new, curated subscription app service with ambitions to change the world (one app at a time). On January 25th, Setapp will officially launch as… Read more... Setapp Beta Launch: Viva la revolución! Of all the projects we’ve ever embarked on, Setapp is the boldest. When we think about the true nature of our ambition, the actual scale it can take, frankly, we get a little dizzy. Here at MacPaw, in Ukraine, we set out to change the way people use Macs around the whole… Read more... The new CleanMyPC: smoother, better, faster, stronger Another celebration here at MacPaw HQ: our one of a kind Windows cleaner is getting a huge makeover. We’ve just released a completely renewed version of CleanMyPC and it’s not just more powerful than it used to be, but it’s also really handsome. Here’s what’s new in the new CleanMyPC: Naturally, it… Read more... Apple confirms our 8-year-long journey towards a cleaner Mac Our team is already testing what the developer preview beta has to offer and it looks pretty exciting so far. We’ll keep you guys posted with more news on Sierra and upcoming plans. Today, at Apple’s WWDC long-awaited keynote we were a little surprised, yet happy. Among the new features… Read more... Gemini 2: Like Gemini, Only Smarter MacPaw is over the moon today — we’ve just launched Gemini 2, The Duplicate File Finder. It’s like the original Gemini that got new powers and almost human intelligence: Gemini 2 detects similar files, easily tells copies from originals, and adapts to the way you work with it. It’s free to download,… Read more... Encryptor: And Privacy for All Data encryption is all over the news. The U.S. Senate is pushing a bill that obliges tech companies to decrypt user data, if told so by a court order. Critics say that would mean the end of data security. Here at MacPaw — we just do our thing, and our… Read more... Listen Fans, Now You Have Your Personal Radio! We’re glad to announce another addition to our favorite music player Listen – online radio support. Now there’s infinitely more music for our users with both local radio spots and international stations. But that’s not even the best part. The coolest thing about Listen Radio is custom-tailored stations selected based on your… Read more... What Kyiv has that New York doesn’t The MacPaw family genuinely believes Kyiv is shamefully underrated and undervisited by tourists. “When there’s so much to see in the city, how come people still don’t call it the next Berlin?”, we wondered. Kyiv is absolutely swell. Our space station (that’s literally what the office looks like) is located… Read more... Listen: A Player You Always Wanted The new version of Listen 2.2.5 has arrived today and is available for download on the App Store. It’s an update with all the cool features you’ve been waiting for. What’s new in Listen 2.2.5? Added Sorting by Artists“Shake to Shuffle” option is now turned off by defaultFixed all known playback… Read more...

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