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A sneak peek into life at MacPaw In recent years, MacPaw has grown from a small Ukrainian startup to a well known IT company throughout the world. MacPaw has not only received praise for its award winning apps by the Mac community, but has also captured the love of millions of users. So what is MacPaw’s secret… Read more... Hider App Design: Behind the Curtain Functionality vs. purity, complexity vs. simplicity, obviousness vs. ingenuity — once you get into app design, it’s always a big challenge to find the right balance. So, what’s behind Hider’s app design? The original Hider version is about 6 years old and has already become outdated. Recently, the MacPaw team decided… Read more... MacPaw designers discuss OS X Yosemite With OS X Yosemite’s arrival fast approaching, we decided to sit down with some of our designers here at MacPaw and ask them their thoughts on the new OS. We came up with 5 questions that we thought would stir up some conversation. Enjoy! What was your first impression of OS… Read more... From Zero to Marketing in 7 Days Introduction We started as a small company consisting of only 3 people, and over the past 6 years have grown to become a company of over 50. Everything I will discuss here today we have learned from trial and error. When we started the company, I was both Marketing and… Read more... Hider 2 is Now Available on the MAS Hider 2 is an app that lets you hide and encrypt private data on your Mac. You can now confidently encrypt and password protect anything you deem confidential. And with features like custom grouping, global shortcut keys, menu bar access, and Mavericks tags compatibility, keeping track of hidden files is a… Read more... Every Explorer Needs a Map Where would Ferdinand Magellan have ended up without his trusty map? Hmm, maybe “trusty” isn’t the best adjective, as it lead him to his demise in the Philippines. But it was necessary nonetheless! Err… the map. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that a map is of the utmost importance while… Read more... There’s a Better Way to Listen to Your Music Meet Listen A new app called Listen has joined MacPaw. It’s a free music player for iOS that you control with gestures… You know, like: swipe up, swipe down, swipe on, swipe off (Mr. Miyagi would be proud). The controls are so simple that you don’t even need to look at the… Read more... So Long Ensoul! It’s been a long week. There have been many meetings and our coffee consumption has been through the roof. The result of it all? MacPaw has arrived at the decision to officially shut down Ensoul Contacts, Ensoul Wallpapers, and It was not an easy choice and it comes with… Read more... Hello, CleanMyMac 2! We officially introduce the new CleanMyMac 2! As we promised, it is a free update for every CleanMyMac user, and you can launch your app and update it right now! So initially we had a pile of new cleaning modules and features we wanted to add to CleanMyMac. However, that… Read more... The World Without CleanMyMac We believe CleanMyMac is one of the most necessary applications in the world. So we decided to investigate further how it can help people besides cleaning junk, providing energy and generally saving people’s lives. OK, don’t take it too serious, we’re just poking fun at the overrated trend of infographics.… Read more...

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