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Introducing CleanMyDrive! Today we have released CleanMyDrive, a tiny yet powerful utility for cleaning and maintaining your mounted drives, and it’s free for a limited time! You can download it right away using the button below. And remember, it’s FREE! Here is a little story behind CleanMyDrive: After releasing Gemini, our third… Read more... Total Retinization in MacPaw After Apple had unveiled its new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, our designers immediately started to adapt the graphics of all our apps. For now they have finished it, so expect updates in the next couple of weeks! Meanwhile, I prepared a little coverage on the subject. So, it is Dmitry… Read more... Is CleanMyMac Safe To Use? People often ask: whether they should clean up Mac? Are cleaning apps safe enough for that? Today we decided to write a special post and make everything clear here regarding CleanMyMac. Mac OS X was developed to serve its users as long as possible. That is why it has special algorithms… Read more... Gemini: The Duplicate Finder Released! Hurray! Last Thursday we released Gemini: The Duplicate Finder in Mac App Store. The idea behind Gemini was to create a duplicate finder for Mac that will be really useful and handy for users. However, we had never expect Gemini will get such a huge attention. In just a couple… Read more... Interview with our CSS3 wizard Today we start a new column in our blog devoted to MacPaw workers, the people who make magic here and bring you all the best they can do. Vasiliy Zubach (or simply Vasya) is one of our ingenious web developers who make us proud of our site and other web projects.… Read more... 9 Tips On Using CleanMyMac Greetings! We’ve talked a lot about our web activities lately and now it’s time to speak about CleanMyMac. We tried to make our app powerful yet easy to use, and that is why it has some features under the hood. We decided to unveil the most important ones, and here… Read more... Gemini: Refreshed It has been two months since the first version of Gemini was released on the Mac App Store. We had an enormous support from our users, and with all the feedback we received we are releasing a new version today! What’s new? 1. Multiple Scan Now you can scan multiple folders in… Read more... Where’s new Gemini? We are back once again with a new significant update to Gemini, taking it up to version 1.3! Now it looks awesome on Retina display, works great on Mountain Lion, removes duplicates from your iTunes and iPhoto libraries, and is available in Russian, Spanish, German, Italian and French, just like… Read more... Gemini and Easter Eggs It’s Easter! And that means it’s time for a weekend full of chocolate, egg tapping, and eggs. All kinds of of eggs! Green eggs, blue eggs, eggnog, green eggs… Wait a minute, we already mentioned green eggs in in this list! Someone should have proofread this. Why did we we waste… Read more... Welcome to the Dream Office! When people come to the MacPaw office, they often find something unexpected. They find a different kind of company that offers a creative, fun, and stimulating environment where great minds can come together to contribute to a modern and growing IT company. The true imaginative and innovative potential of MacPaw… Read more...

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