Brand Marketing Manager for CleanMyMac

  • Ukraine
  • Full Time

MacPaw is looking for an experienced Brand Marketing Manager to join one of our biggest products — CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac is an all-in-one package to awesomize your Mac. It cleans megatons of junk and makes your computer run faster.

CleanMyMac and the product team are growing and evolving. We continue to split into focused teams and cover more and more marketing areas to achieve our ambitious goals and strong product growth.

Together with the Product Marketing team you will partner closely with CMM and provide the whole cycle of brand promotion.

As a Brand Manager, your goal will be to develop the product's brand strategy aligned with the corporate brand strategy. Besides, you will be building collaboration processes for a Brand & Communications team and other directions within the marketing team.

Main responsibilities

  • Develop an effective brand strategy to improve our product’s awareness and drive growth in key markets.
  • Plan and execute marketing and communication activities (including campaigns, events, sponsorships, and social responsibility programs) to increase the product’s brand values, awareness and change the public perception of the brand.

  • Measure and analyze the performance of brand marketing campaigns in order to assess product’s goals.

  • Be up-to-date with the latest market trends and best practices, and continuously monitor competitor activities.

  • Organize various product's customer behavior researches and implement received results into actionable items.

  • Be sure that product branding is consistent across marketing channels and communication.

  • Be sure that messaging and marketing activities are aligned with brand and company values, mission, and vision.

  • Be sure that the brand remains recognizable, up to date, and exciting to customers.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of cross-functional Brand Management.
  • Passion for brands and marketing, strong brand management skills across all fundamentals.
  • Experience in digital personalization, monetization, and marketing automation across the web and native app platforms is required.
  • A track record of successful product launches including proven experience building business plans and ROI models.
  • Experience working cross-functionally with multiple internal teams, including Executives, Engineers, Sales, and SMM and PMM specialists.
  • Strong communication, presentation skills, and positive team collaboration
  • Fluent English is a must.

What we offer:

  • Unlimited work from home policy during quarantine
    It’s completely up to you to decide whether you want to work remotely or in the office. However you decide to mix it up, the office is always open in a co-working mode following all health safety measures.
  • Your health always comes first
    We guarantee Covid-19 insurance starting on your first working day. After you complete your trial period, we cover 100% of the medical insurance cost for you and 50% for your dependents. We also cover dental, massages, and offer a 50% refund for psychotherapy.
  • Flexible working hours
    You can choose working hours comfortable for you. No one here tracks your clock in/clock out because MacPaw is built on trust and cooperation.
  • Office designed for people (and pets)
    Our office has it all. A spacious workplace with enough room for sitting up, laying down, and running around. A gym for recreation fitness and yoga. Cozy kitchens with breakfasts, coffee, and snacks. Sleeping/meditation rooms. A terrace with a view where we throw summer parties. Also, we have two cats living in the office, and you are welcome to bring your pets to the office (we have separate floors for cats and dogs).
  • Space to grow both professionally and personally
    Whatever your dreams and aspirations are, we got you. Generous education budget, annual development reviews, free English and public speaking classes, and regular tech talks. We also offer personal coaching with organizational coaches.
  • Teams we are proud of
    We build honest, transparent, and reliable relationships within teams. Every Macpawian is able to improve processes and implement their ideas. We encourage honest and constructive feedback and provide training for Macpawians on giving and receiving feedback.
  • Time-off policy that actually covers life’s needs
    20 vacation days, unlimited paid sick leaves, xDays (2 days a month to work on what you are passionate about and it’s not a MacPaw Core Business), personal time day-offs designed to help you take care of important matters in your personal life, parental leaves. On top of all that, sabbaticals are open after 5 years of being with MacPaw.
  • Cafe and fresh daily lunches
    There’s plenty of yummy options for everybody. But... You *have* to try our ricotta cakes. Seriously. They’re unbelievable.
  • Join social initiatives with MacPawCares
    MacPaw participates in numerous charity projects across many fields, and you are welcome to jump in and spend up to 3 working days per year making the world a better place.
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