macOS Engineer for Setapp

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Full Time

We are looking for a proactive macOS Engineer to join the newly formed team of Setapp Membership.

We want to make it easier for Mac users to discover new Mac applications – the ones they were searching for or the ones they didn’t even know they needed in their lives. Setapp is our ambitious young product which lets the user get unlimited access to the library of applications right on their Mac. 

For a subscription fee, it gives you the opportunity to use all these quality apps you’ve always wanted to try out — without the need to buy and install each app individually. 

You can take a look and even sign up for free trial here.  

Why is it cool to work at Setapp?

  • The subscription service idea is very new to the app market, and we’re hoping to change the stable old system of marketplaces in the industry of desktop apps, and you could be a part of it :)
  • Since Setapp’s release in January 2017, we were named the best consumer product of the year by Product Hunt community (the Golden Kitty Award), brought onboard 162 apps (they would cost you $3400+ if you had to buy them all separately!), engaged an incredible community of 700 000 users all over the world. 
  • The Membership Team focuses on delivering the best experience for the users of the app by adding new features and improving its UI.

If you decide to join, you’ll work in a great cross-functional team with 3 other macOS Engineers, as well as web developers, QA, designers and a copywriter.

You’re our dream candidate for this job if you have speed, agility, and curiosity – we work fast, create new features for the product, constantly improve the old ones, and conduct experiments simultaneously. If that sounds exciting – be sure to apply, even if you don’t have desktop development experience. We have a great track record of bringing mobile engineers up to speed fast :)


The Membership team is in charge of the desktop app itself, as well as personal user profile and backends for these respective components. 

You’ll work on a standalone app which lets the user discover new apps, an agent which runs in the background and tracks the usage of all apps in Setapp, as well as UI part - Manu Bar App with shortcuts to important functions.

Here are the tasks that will be yours after you join:

  • With the team, creating Setapp for iOS
  • Improving search
  • Creating new user dashboard
  • Working on Spotlight plug-in


  • 3+ years of macOS/iOS development experience (Objective-C and Swift knowledge)
  • Understanding of macOS/iOS system structure (what are the bundles/packages, where user files are stored, what are user defaults, what is agent/daemon, app bundle structure, etc.)
  • Multithreading techniques (e.g. GCD)
  • Communicative, proactive person and an independent thinker
  • Intermediate level of English

As a Plus

  • XPC experience
  • Upper-intermediate level of English

Meet a fellow MacPawian

Roman Tikhonychev
Q: How do you tell the difference between good and bad code?
A: Bad code tends to be complicated and messy, whereas, good code is clear. The devs write a line of code once but re-read it thousands of times.

Roman Tikhonychev

Software Engineer

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