Senior Software Engineer (Back-end) for CleanMyMac

  • Ukraine
  • Full Time

MacPaw is a software company with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine, that develops and distributes software for macOS and iOS. At MacPaw, we believe that technology and human can reach their greatest potential together. Today, our products have more than 30 million users worldwide.

MacPaw is proud to be Ukrainian. Support and development of Ukraine is a significant part of the company’s culture. MacPaw gathers open-minded people who support each other and aspire to change the world around us.

CleanMyMac is an all-in-one package to awesomize your Mac. It cleans megatons of junk and makes your computer run faster, just like it did on day one. It scans the entire macOS, removes junk and malware - everything from system junk to iTunes copies - and frees Gigabytes of space on your Mac.

CleanMyMac has 20+ million users worldwide and a history of dynamic growth. We are the leader in the Mac cleaning utility market and make our product with care about our users.

You will join the CleanMyMac Internal Services and API’s Team, responsible for back-end services and admin panels for other teams. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will own a separate stream and focus on the communication system for CleanMyMac users. You will optimize and refactor the existing solution and bring its architecture to a new quality level.

You are the right fit for this role if you are responsible and independent, quality-focused, and have a wide range of knowledge in development (not only in your area but also in best engineering practices). We also hope you’ll be a good communicator who likes constructive discussions and can support your opinion with arguments and facts.

If you love what you saw above, are thrilled by complicated tasks, and are ready to bring to life your engineering ideas, make sure to send us your resume!

In this role, you will:

  • Analyze (how to do?) and validate (can be done?) technical solutions for business problems/ideas/needs. Suggest alternatives with reasoning about their pros and cons
  • Decompose and estimate validated technical solutions for business problems/ideas/needs into technical tasks
  • Contribute to the product with ideas, features, and improvements. Suggest technical solutions for increasing product stability and performance if needed
  • Develop architectural solutions for the product. Take responsibility for implementing these solutions and their adaptation to product changes in the future, and solve related technical conflicts with the engineering team
  • Participate in the integration of new approaches or development processes
  • Investigate and analyze fatal issues and critical failures that happened on the product, and share this information with other engineers to avoid the same or related issues in the future
  • Communicate with the team and PM to clarify implementation details and edge cases, specify input or missing data and possible use-cases/flows
  • Communicate with other streams and/or teams to successfully implement a task and make constructive collaborations if needed
  • Present the results of the teamwork if needed
  • Help customer support to resolve user issues, conduct technical communication with customers if needed
  • Share all knowledge about the project (structure, documentation, architectural details, etc.) with the engineering team

Skills you’ll need to bring:

  • Strong knowledge of OOP, Design Patterns, understanding of SOLID principles and their usage
  • At least 3 years of development experience with PHP
  • Basic understanding of distributed systems and patterns
  • Experience with Symfony, Doctrine ORM, Laravel
  • Experience with one of RDBMS (PostgreSQL as a plus)
  • Experience with testing (PHPUnit, Behat 3)
  • Experience with Linux as an advanced user
  • Experience with message queues (RabbitMQ)
  • At least an Intermediate level of English

As a Plus:

  • Experience with mailing system integrations
  • Experience building and launching systems from scratch
  • Experience with cloud computing (Google Cloud), containers (Docker), Kubernetes, Azure Pipelines

What we offer:

  • We are a Ukrainian company, and we stand with Ukraine against russian aggression
    We maintain workplaces and salaries for the mobilized employees and provide financial support to employees or their families affected by the war. You can read more about it here.
  • Hybrid work model
    It’s entirely up to you whether to work remotely or at the hub. If you decide to mix it, our Kyiv headquarters (HQ), which works as a coworking space, is open around the clock, following all health and safety measures. We’re also renting space in the Promprylad Coworking in Ivano-Frankivsk and reimburse the costs related to renting a coworking space in another city.
  • Your health always comes first
    We guarantee Covid-19 insurance starting on your first working day. After you complete your trial period, we cover 100% of the medical insurance cost for you and 50% for your dependents. We also cover dental and massages and offer a 50% refund for psychotherapy.
  • Flexible working hours
    You can choose working hours comfortable for you. No one here tracks your clock in/clock out because MacPaw is built on trust and cooperation.
  • Office designed for people (and pets)
    Our office has it all. A spacious workplace with enough room for sitting up, laying down, and running around. A gym for recreation, fitness, and yoga. Cozy kitchens with breakfasts, coffee, and snacks. Sleeping/meditation rooms. A terrace with a view where we throw summer parties. Also, we have two cats living in the office, and you are welcome to bring your pets to the office (we have separate floors for cats and dogs).
  • Space to grow both professionally and personally
    Whatever your dreams and aspirations are, we got you. Generous education budget, annual development reviews, free English and public speaking classes, and regular tech talks. We also offer personal coaching with organizational coaches.
  • Teams we are proud of
    We build honest, transparent, and reliable relationships within teams. Every Macpawian can improve processes and implement their ideas. We encourage open and constructive feedback and provide training for Macpawians on giving and receiving feedback.
  • Time-off policy that covers life’s needs
    20 vacation days, unlimited paid sick leaves, xDays (2 days a month to work on what you are passionate about and it’s not a MacPaw Core Business), personal time day-offs designed to help you take care of essential matters in your personal life, parental leaves. On top of all that, sabbaticals are open after 5 years of being with MacPaw.
  • Cafe and fresh daily lunches
    There are plenty of yummy options for everybody. But... You *have* to try our ricotta cakes. Seriously. They’re unbelievable.
  • Join social initiatives with MacPawCares
    MacPaw participates in numerous charity projects across many fields, and you are welcome to jump in and spend up to 3 working days per year making the world a better place.

Meet a fellow MacPawian

Andrey Tkachenko
Q: How to explain Back-end Engineering to a child?
A: Imagine, you are entering a confectionery: there are delicious-looking cakes and fantastic sweets in the window — that's Front-end. But there is a room in this shop where pastry chefs bake everything and store their ingredients. A place where all this sweet magic is actually created. That's Back-end.

Andrey Tkachenko

Back-End Engineer

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