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How to Know if an App is Safe? Deciding if an app is safe takes a bit more than just common sense. You can't just judge an app on it's looks anymore. Even Kaspersky, a world-renowned security application, had serious security issues. So the question is: how do you know know if an app is ok to download… Read more... How to Clean an SD Card on Mac Without Formatting Isn’t it frustrating when your camera gets sluggish after you put the memory card back in? Or when you connect the card to a Windows computer after your Mac, and have to browse through odd-looking files like Spotlight-V100? Both of these problems are caused by the service files OS X writes… Read more... How to Make a Slow Computer Faster Tell me if this sounds familiar. When you bought your new PC you were so happy. The speed at which you could do tasks on it was so fast, and it felt like your life was greatly improved as a result. But it’s been some time since you bought that… Read more... Other Storage on Mac eats up your Disk Space? Here are 6 tricks Labels are helpful. They take away the guesswork and make life easier.When looking at our ever-decreasing storage capacity on our Macs we see: Apps, Movies, Audio, Photos and Backups. All very clear and helpful. Then we see Mac’s storage "Other". And we’re confused. And we’re annoyed. And we’re wondering why… Read more... How to Clear Cache on a Mac You’ve probably heard and seen the term "cache" used on your Mac but do you know what it is? Cache files are basically temporary data used to speed up processes. For instance, Safari will download images on a webpage into cache so that next time you visit the site you… Read more... How to Increase Available Disk Space on Your Mac A full disk causes a lot of trouble. Your Mac will slow to a crawl, because the free space previously used as temporary memory disappears. Certain apps just won’t run and obviously, you’ll get to a point where you’ve run out of available disk space entirely. That’s the bad news.… Read more... How to Secure Empty Trash on Mac That little silver trash can on your Mac’s desktop represents an invisible Mac trash folder. Technically, items in your trash are still on your Mac, as you can drag them right back out. To delete those items, you simply empty the trash. But are they really gone? In this post,… Read more... How to Clean Up Your Mac Without Full Reinstall There’s nothing like that “fresh Mac” feeling, when everything is clean and running like new. A healthy Mac boosts productivity by working well and eliminating down time. How to achieve this wonderful state? There are three ways. First, buy a brand-new Mac. It’s not the most economical option, but there… Read more... How to Unfreeze a Mac & Fix Frozen Mac Apps? Imagine this: you’re working happily on your Mac when the dreaded beach ball of death appears. A program stops responding or worse, the macOS (or OS X) itself refuses to do anything but stare at you, blankly. You have a frozen Mac app or an OS X freeze. Mac OS… Read more... All You Need to Know About Free Mac Cleaners Do you feel safe using free Mac software? Sticky notes and bubble screensavers aside, think of software that digs deep into your Mac system and fixes it where it needs fixing. Can you be sure free Mac cleaners are safe? Taking it on trust is a bit like buying a… Read more...

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