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How to remove Apple Handbrake virus Handbrake is a hugely popular video transcoding app for the Mac, but that popularity was dented when the creators of the open source app announced that it had been the victim of a trojan attack. The result was that for a few days, anyone who downloaded Handbrake may have also… Read more... How, when and why to reset your Mac’s PRAM and SMC Macs are reliable machines but on the rare occasions, they may start acting strangely for no obvious reason. Your Mac’s entering sleep unexpectedly, the battery doesn’t charge properly, your keyboard isn’t responding normally, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth refuse to work — these symptoms might mean that PRAM and SMC reset is… Read more... How to remove the MegaBackup virus from your Mac MegaBackup is a cloud-based storage service that allows you to back up your files to the cloud and protect your data in the event of your Mac crashing catastrophically, or being damaged or stolen. How, then, did lots of people come to think of it as a virus? Is there… Read more... How to get rid of Zeus virus on Mac Fake virus alerts are becoming more common and can make surfing the web much less useful and convenient than it should be. The “Zeus virus” is one such fake virus alert that hijacks web browsers and seems, in some cases, to completely lock up Safari until the user takes action.… Read more... How to remove VBS: Malware-gen from Mac There have been several trojans, browser hijackers and other forms of malware that have found their way onto Macs in recent years, but VBS:Malware-gen wasn’t one of them. In fact, it appears it never existed at all, instead being the result of a a flaw in at least one antivirus… Read more... Mac won't turn on: What to do? When your Mac won't load or hangs on startup it’s not the end of the world. You still have pretty good chances of fixing it, even without a technician’s help. Before you read next, check if your Mac is plugged in. Your first guess should be your Mac has run… Read more... How to remove Spigot from macOS Spigot is a type of adware. Adware is an increasingly common intrusion on many Macs. It usually comes bundled with what looks like the legitimate download from reputable sources, but installs extension in your web browser to display intrusive adverts. What you need to know about the Spigot virus The… Read more... Adwind RAT: Make your Mac safe from this malware Toward the end of 2018, cybersecurity experts have noticed a surge in the number of spam emails around the world. Although Adwind was originally targeting businesses, the new RAT - also known as AlienSpy, Frutas, Unrecom, JSocket, and jRat - is no longer picky. It is going after consumer and… Read more... Fruitfly: What do you need to know and how to remove it? When Fruitfly was first discovered, in early 2017, it was still a mystery how long the malware had been running around infecting Macs and who was behind it. After it was initially discovered, it took months of painstaking investigation for the FBI to find and arrest the creator, a 28-year-old… Read more... How to remove malware from your Mac? According to Malwarebytes, 2017 saw a 230% spike in malware activity within Mac ecosystem. The notable examples include Proton Remote Access Trojan and KeRanger virus. But whatever is that ends with “-ware” on your Mac — ransomware, adware, malware, or scareware — we’ll share a couple of methods to delete it. So,… Read more...

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