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How to get emoji on Mac Emoji have become central to the way many of us communicate online. Whether you use them occasionally, or pepper every instant message, tweet and Instagram post with smiley faces, birthday cakes, and unicorns, they’re a great and fun way to show others what you mean or how you feel. Using… Read more... How to use full screen mode on Mac If you use a MacBook without an external display, full-screen mode is brilliant because it allows you to fill the whole screen with the app or document you’re working in, while making it easy to switch between different screens to move between apps or windows. The app you’re working in… Read more... What is Night Shift mode on Mac? One of the downsides of using a computer, or any device with a screen, is the effect it can have on both our eyes and our circadian rhythms. While eye damage is unlikely and eye strain somewhat contentious there’s much more research that shows the effect of certain colors of… Read more... How to identify and report phishing to Apple Phishing is a particularly nasty form of hacking because it preys on people who may be vulnerable or whose knowledge of technology isn’t particularly good. It’s usually carried out by email, but text messages, phone calls, and direct messages on social media are also used for phishing. One of the… Read more... How to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone Transferring files between computers or even between your Mac and an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad is easy. There are lots of different options, including Dropbox, OneDrive, email, and Apple’s own iCloud Drive. However, perhaps the simplest method of all is AirDrop. This feature of macOS and iOS… Read more... How to get photos from iCloud iCloud is a great place to store photos as it means you can access them on all of your devices, from anywhere in the world. But downloading photos to your Mac has its benefits too. First of all, Mac has greater disk space than other iOS devices and dwarfs the… Read more... Find out how to set up multiple Mac monitors In this article, we’ll show you the different ways to add a second screen to your Mac, including: How to use an iPad as a second monitorHow to add a MacBook or MacBook Pro external monitorHow to mirror your Mac’s display If you’re working out of a public place or… Read more... How to connect a printer to your Mac With paper usage having lessened in recent years, the price of printers has dropped dramatically. You can now pick up a decent all-in-one model for less than $50 and a quality laser printer for under $100. But more things being done digitally doesn’t make printers any less important — physical… Read more... How to get rid of adware on your Mac Adware is an unwelcome intrusion in many browsers. It attempts to trick or force you into clicking through to a website you weren't planning on visiting, to generate revenue for the company that produced it. Some versions of ad software also contain hidden viruses, posing a serious risk to your… Read more... How to get rid of trojan virus on Mac Discovering your Mac is infected with any kind of virus can be distressing. But there’s something about a trojan virus, the way it sneaks onto your computer by hiding in something that looks legitimate that makes it even more upsetting. Trojan viruses are often concealed in a piece of software… Read more...

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