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Here are all the ways to dual boot High Sierra and Mojave If you’re excited about the release of the macOS Mojave and are keen to install it and try it out, but need to be able to run High Sierra as well, you can create multiple volumes on your startup disk and boot from whichever one you choose.  So, why dual… Read more... How to roll back from macOS Mojave to High Sierra If you’ve installed macOS Mojave to take it for a test drive and decided you don’t like it, or it doesn’t work with some of your apps, and you want to downgrade from Mojave to High Sierra, the good news is that it’s possible. The bad news, though, is that… Read more... Learn how to clean install macOS Mojave Apple released its newest operating system for Mac computers, macOS Mojave, for developers and members of the Apple Beta Software Program at the end of June, and now it is available for all Mac users. What can you expect from the upgrade? New apps – News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and… Read more... How to upgrade to macOS Mojave? The latest operating system from Apple isn't going to drastically change how you use your Mac — but it does offer a couple of updates that are going to make it a lot easier and more enjoyable, including the following: The most obvious change you can implement is Mojave's improved… Read more... macOS Mojave vs macOS High Sierra Review macOS Mojave was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2018 and was officially released on the 24th of September. This is the first recent macOS update not to be named after a mountain or mountain range; instead, taking its name from the California desert. Here are a few… Read more... Get the most from screenshots on your Mac There are a whole host of reasons you might want to take a screenshot on your Mac, from grabbing an image of an error message to send to tech support, to proving you paid for an online order in case the confirmation email doesn’t come through. Whatever the reason, it’s… Read more... How to make a recording of your Mac’s screen There are lots of reasons you might want to record the screen on your Mac. You might want to make a tutorial video to show a friend or colleague how to complete a task. Or you may want to make a video to share on social media that includes doing… Read more... The best paid for and free video editing software for Mac The Mac is hugely popular among creative professionals, so it’s no great surprise that there are lots of video editing tools available for it. Whether you just want to add titles, transitions and a soundtrack, or you want to add Hollywood-style effects and access to professional color correction there’s a… Read more... How to choose the best processor for your MacBook, iMac or Mac mini Buying a new Mac is exciting, but it can also be very confusing. For most of the Macs it sells, Apple offers a number of different configuration options, including different RAM capacities, storage sizes and disk types, and processors. For many people, it’s the last of those that’s most important.… Read more... How to uninstall any browser from your PC There are so many different web browsers available for Windows that most of us like to try a few out before we decide which one we like best. Some prefer Edge, while others like Chrome, for example. However, trying out multiple browsers means you end up with lots of browsers… Read more...

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