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5 Ways to Force Quit Mac Applications Do you encounter a frozen app on your Mac and can’t quit it normally? That spinning beach ball makes you crazy? Instead of just sitting and getting more frustrated, force quit an app that’s not responding. Thankfully, you’ve got options to close the unresponsive apps. We’ve prepared five Mac force… Read more... How to Use the Mac Task Manager We never like to have problems with our computers, right? However, some of them are inevitable. Sometimes your apps don’t work, your Mac gets slow, you see a spinning wheel of death, and more. Understanding the root of some problems can be difficult; fortunately, there are some troubleshooting tools to… Read more... 10 Ways to Speed Up Slow Internet Connection on Mac Find yourself waiting forever for websites to load? Have problems with video calls, playing games or working online? Probably your internet needs a speed boost. But what can you do to ensure the best online experience? Don’t worry, in this article we’ll go over all tested troubleshooting steps to resolve… Read more... 5 Great Apps to Measure Your Mac’s Performance How to monitor your Mac’s performance? How to tell that your computer works at its full? How to compare it to other machines with similar specifications? The answer: Mac benchmark tools. Benchmarking can help you understand the performance of your Mac’s software and hardware, including the disk speed, memory, and… Read more... Simple Ways to Reduce Memory Usage on the Mac “No matter what I do, my Mac is still slow”, an average tech consultant hears this phrase multiple times a day. Give a person even the most powerful computer, and pretty soon it will be cluttered with apps, extensions and things that are too much for it to handle. To… Read more... 11 fixes to macOS High Sierra Problems macOS High Sierra has just went public. It’s natural for it to have unforeseen bugs and rough edges. And right now you yourself are helping Apple to solve them by seeking fixes to common macOS High Sierra issues. We’ve pieced together the most reported ones so far (as of October… Read more... How to force reboot a frozen Mac Before we get our hands dirty, here’s a word of warning. If you’re wondering how to reboot a MacBook Pro, bear in mind it’s the last resort when all other methods to unfreeze your Mac had failed. Don’t try it too often as it may harm your system. No question, your… Read more... How to Restore Your Mac to Factory Settings Whether you’re going to sell your Mac or give it away, it would be wise to restore Mac to factory settings. You will not only provide a new owner with the fresh start but also protect your personal information. You don’t want to give your Mac to a stranger when… Read more... Will my Mac Run macOS High Sierra? – Compatibility & Requirements The new operating system for Mac has been officially released at the September keynote 2017 and the hype is real. With a lot of tweaks and refinements, the new macOS High Sierra promises a user experience deemed for the future of technology, bringing Apple one step closer to VR, AR… Read more... How to Clean Install the macOS High Sierra? Upgrading to the latest Mac operating system released at the Apple keynote this September can be everything you envisioned and more. If you take the time to upgrade it properly, that is. How? By performing a clean install of the macOS High Sierra. Don’t worry, a clean install is as… Read more...

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