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Make the most of your macOS Dashboard First introduced with OS X Tiger in 2005, Dashboard organizes Mac widgets — program shortcuts and precursors to apps that we are all more familiar with. Many of these widgets still come as part of the standard package with every Mac and new operating system. Dashboard is useful to keep… Read more... iPhone HDR and Smart HDR, explained You’ve probably seen the HDR badge on some of your photos and the namesake setting in your Camera app — but what exactly does it do? iPhone’s HDR mode can dramatically improve your shots if you know how to use it. In this guide, we’ll lay out what HDR is,… Read more... How to securely delete files on Windows PC Most of the time when we erase files on a computer, we just drag them to the recycle bin or press Delete. And for most files, that’s fine. However, deleting files like that doesn’t actually remove them from your hard drive. All it does is updating the file directory to… Read more... How to delete cookies in web browsers on Windows Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer while you are browsing Internet. Typically, the text file will contain your username for the site (though, not your password), along with details of what you’ve done while you were on the site. Cookies can be useful – they save you… Read more... How to free up RAM on Windows computer Put simply, RAM (random access memory) is where your PC stores data it needs in the short term. If its CPU is its brain, RAM is its memory. It’s used to store the results of calculations needed to perform tasks while other calculations are carried out. Even fairly basic applications… Read more... How to remove a language pack on Windows PC Windows has long supported multiple languages and Windows 10 is no exception. Adding new languages is straightforward and if you need to use different languages simultaneously, you can set one language for Settings and File Explorer while using the keyboard, apps, and websites in another language. Removing languages should be… Read more... How to improve computer's performance for gaming (without buying hardware) If you use your Windows PC to play games, you know that it can be a constant, and expensive battle, trying to keep up with the ever increasing demands new games put on your hardware. It can seem that the only solution is to spend money on a new graphics… Read more... Apps that won't work in macOS Mojave When Apple announced in 2017 that macOS High Sierra would be the last version of the Mac operating system to support 32-bit applications without limitations, that seemed to spell the beginning of the end for those apps on the Mac. And when it launched macOS Mojave beta in June 2018,… Read more... How to use macOS Mojave Dark mode MacOS Mojave has a host of new features, some of them designed to improve security and privacy, others designed to make it more useful, and yet more that are there purely to make it more fun. Dark mode falls into another category — it’s supposed to make macOS more comfortable… Read more... How to remove Any Search malware from your Mac Any Search malware is a browser hijack that, once your Mac is infected, displays the Any Search homepage whenever you launch Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. It looks like an innocuous search page, and in fact forwards all searches to Yahoo, but it also intercepts traffic and uses that to display… Read more...

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