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How to revive an old PC It happens to us all. You buy a brand new PC and it runs like a dream. Web pages download in a snap, games play smoothly and on the rare occasions you need to reboot your PC is does it speedily and without fuss. Then, gradually, as the months pass… Read more... How to delete temporary files in Windows 10 If you spend any time researching how to free up space on a Windows PC, one piece of advice you’ll see again and again is to delete temporary files. That sounds very sensible. But what are temporary files? Where are they stored? And if they’re temporary, why are they still… Read more... Shutdown, sleep, or hibernate: what's the best for your PC? When you’ve finished working with PC and no longer need to use it, you have three options. You can choose Sleep or Hibernate mode, or you can shut it down completely. Each option is a trade-off between saving power, and therefore battery life, and convenience. Sleep vs Hibernate vs Shut… Read more... How to remove browser extensions (in Chrome, Firefox and other browsers) No matter which browser you use to surf the web, there are dozens, and in some cases, hundreds of extensions available to add new features and make surfing the web more convenient and more productive, or maybe just more fun. However, for all the extra convenience they add, browser extensions… Read more... 10 common Windows 10 problems and how to fix them If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10, you’ll know that it’s a big improvement on its predecessors and has some great features. However, like every other operating system, it’s not perfect and you will sometimes run into problems. Fortunately, very few PC problems are without a solution. Here are 10 of… Read more... How to use Windows Task Manager Task Manager in Windows 10 is an application that allows you to keep track of running applications, processes, and services. It also allows you to see what pressure is being put on your PC’s CPU, and how much RAM is being used. You can also use it to quit misbehaving… Read more... Windows PC won't turn on. What to do? There are lots of possible reasons for your PC refusing to start up, ranging from the simple and easy to fix, to the much more complicated. However, whatever the reason, it’s very likely that your files are safe. Unless something catastrophic has happened, there’s no reason to worry about your… Read more... How to Fix Mac’s Thunderbolt Display It’s easy to panic if your Thunderbolt Display is acting up or simply refuses to turn on – but there are a number of hacks to try before paying for a repair technician to look it over. 1. Turn it off and on again It’s a tried and tested method… Read more... Why you should clone your Mac We make sure our files are always backed up but sometimes that isn’t enough. If your Mac is out of action, even temporarily, and you’re forced to work from another, backed up files are a saving grace — but it isn’t quite the same as using your own machine. Having… Read more... What is the default Safari search engine? Google has long monopolized the search engine market, so it’s no surprise that it comes as Safari’s default search engine. If Google isn’t for you, Safari comes pre-set with three alternatives: Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Some users like to spread their searches through different engines so that companies don’t have… Read more...

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