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How to remove malware from Mac is malware that is one of several browser hijackers currently in the wild that redirects your web browser’s homepage its own search engine and then intercepts the searches you type in order to show you adverts. It manages to evade macOS security measures because it’s ‘bundled’ with what look… Read more... Full Disk Access and Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of It macOS 10.14 Mojave is the “most secure macOS up to date”, if you believe Apple advertising, of course. This macOS update introduces unprecedented restrictions on third-party apps that operate on your Mac. Long gone are times when an app could easily access your content, Mail, address books, and browser history.… Read more... How to remove Chrome extensions Google’s Chrome browser is hugely popular among Mac users because of its speed and its integration with Google accounts and other services. Like most other modern browsers, it’s also highly extendable, thanks to the wide range of third-party extensions available. Some of these extensions are add-ons for tools like Evernote… Read more... How to remove add-ons from Firefox Firefox may not be as popular on the Mac as it once was — Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari have seen to that — but it’s still used by millions of people. Like Safari and Chrome, Firefox allows you to add to its features by installing add-ons. These add-ons allow… Read more... How to uninstall Safari extensions Safari is the most popular browser on the Mac, mostly because it’s made by Apple and is installed when you buy your Mac or install a new version of macOS. It’s also set as the default browser so that when you click on a link in an email, for example,… Read more... Here's how to uninstall Steam Games Maybe you aren't playing a particular game as much, or you need to free up disk space. Games can take up a lot of room, especially when you’ve got several alongside apps, documents, videos and files. In this article, we cover how to uninstall Steam games on a Mac, which… Read more... How to remove application extension files Downloading apps on a Mac is easy. Either go straight to the Mac App Store (MAS), a developers website or a subscription service where you can get a whole load of apps. New apps should automatically download into your Applications folder. Or failing that, they can be found in the… Read more... How to factory reset Mac software Mac applications can be reset. Restoring them to the most recent developer version should restore an app to working order. In this article, we cover a few ways you can do that. Note: If you are having regular difficulties with more than one app, then it could be a symptom… Read more... iPhone Live Photos: How to take, edit, and post them When the first Harry Potter movie was released in 2001, animated photos was a seemingly magical concept. Until 2014, when the new iPhone 6 came along with something new and exciting: Live Photos. Now they are no longer a privilege of wizards — almost anyone with an iPhone or iPad… Read more... APFS: The most useful features in the new Apple File System Since 1998, Apple computers and smartphones have used HFS+ as a file storage system. Considering how much the devices have evolved since then, it is amazing Apple have taken so long to replace the file storage with something more modern. What does APFS mean? APFS (Apple File System) is a… Read more...

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