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How to set up a new computer There are few things more important than taking a new PC out of its box and setting it up for the first time. These days, new PCs take you through the process of starting up step by step. However, they also install lots of bloatware and are unlikely to be… Read more... How to safely use Windows PC without anti-virus software When you bought your PC, it probably came with a ton of bloatware pre-loaded, including a trial for an antivirus program that would scan your computer for viruses for free but then ask you to sign up for a paid-for version before you could actually remove anything it might have… Read more... How to control Windows 10 automatic updates Updating Windows 10 regularly is important. Regular updates, issued on Patch Tuesday contain bug fixes and security updates. That’s why Windows updates itself automatically, and you can’t turn those automatic updates off. That doesn’t mean you can’t control Windows 10 automatic updates, however. If you don’t have enough space to… Read more... How to clean your Windows desktop and keep it organized Windows desktop is a convenient place to store files, folders and shortcuts. After all, it’s the place that’s most easily visible and accessible. However, that convenience means that it’s way too easy to allow your desktop to become cluttered, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for and thus… Read more... The ins and outs of macOS Photos Whether you’ve just taken a weekend trip up North or the European vacation of your dreams, you’re guaranteed to return home with a massive amount of photos, probably a handful of videos, and, if you were feeling particularly artsy, half a dozen time-lapses. But now that you’re home, what are… Read more... Best free photo editors for Mac in 2019 No matter where you are on your journey as a photographer, you will eventually need to step up your game with photo imaging software. Whether you want to brighten a dark photo, remove a distracting background, or let your creativity lead you in a whole new direction, there’s an app… Read more... iPhone Portrait mode: How to shoot portraits with blur and bokeh Taking pro-level portraits with your iPhone is easy if you have Portrait mode. But did you know you can also get incredible bokeh backgrounds with iPhone’s bokeh tool, available in the new XS and XR models? And that even with an older iPhone, you can create background blur and bokeh… Read more... How to transfer photos from an iPhone to a Mac Transferring iPhone photos and videos to your Mac can save precious space on your mobile device. Plus, it’s easier to edit and retouch when you’ve got a larger screen with a higher resolution, not to mention that native Mac tools allow you to convert, resize, and organize your images in… Read more... An easy guide to the perfect selfie You stumble upon a cool selfie backdrop, reach for your iPhone, press the shutter button, and… ok, this one’s definitely not going on Instagram. But don't worry, no one gets it right on the first try. A good selfie takes some effort: finding proper lighting, taking a dozen shots, choosing… Read more... How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone As much as you love your iPhone, there’s always a new one around the corner. Apple releases new models every year, and sooner or later, even if you keep updating the iOS, your device starts feeling antiquated. Goodbye old iPhone, hello shiny all singing, all dancing new model! But before… Read more...

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