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How to remove ads on Mac Macs might be safer from viruses and malware, but not from ads, adware, popups, and cookies that help advertisers retarget ads at you wherever you go. Digital adverts are everywhere. The more time you spend online, the more you will see, even embedded in apps and Facebook messenger. Hence the… Read more... What is .DS_Store file on Mac and how to delete it? What is .DS_Store? While it appears to be a useless addition to a folder, a .DS_Store file (the “DS” stands for “Desktop Services”) is important in helping Mac work out how to display folders when you open them.  The file is created by the Finder whenever a .zip file is… Read more... The best antivirus protection tips for Macbook Ask most Mac users about antivirus for Mac and they’ll tell you that macOS doesn’t get viruses and so there’s no need to worry about it. Sadly, that’s not quite true. While there’s been no serious outbreak or epidemic of Mac viruses in the wild, macOS has been hit by… Read more... Got a virus on your Mac? Here’s how to remove it You may have heard it's said that Macs don’t get viruses. That there’s no Apple virus. You may even have said it yourself. Sadly, it’s not true. Sure, there aren’t as many viruses on the Mac as there are on, say, Windows. But they do exist. And, it’s not just… Read more... How to update Mac with the latest software In this article, we cover how to update to the latest macOS apps, which is something you should check fairly regularly to ensure you benefit from the latest security features and patches when you do a Mac software update. If you've not completed a Mac software update for a while,… Read more... Uninstall Windows Programs in Bulk: CleanMyPC Multi Uninstaller Uninstalling software in Windows is easy when we are talking about one program - you just find it in the list of Apps and Features and click Uninstall. But when it comes to uninstalling several programs, the process gets more complicated and time-consuming. You can’t remove Windows programs in bulk,… Read more... How to lock your Mac or put your screen to sleep in macOS There are a number of different ways to lock or sleep your screen in macOS. Before we show them to you, however, it’s important to make the distinction between locking your screen and just putting it to sleep. If you lock your Mac you’ll put it to sleep and need… Read more... How to set the default browser on Mac Safari is the default browser in macOS and has been ever since Apple first built its own web browser. Before that, for a while, it was Internet Explorer — but the less said about that the better, and before that it was Netscape Navigator. Remember that? Safari is a perfectly… Read more... How to deactivate iMessage on your Mac Apple’s iMessage service is a brilliant and excellent way of keeping in touch with other Apple device users without incurring additional charges from your network provider. One of its most useful features is the ability to send and receive messages from any device connected to your iCloud account, including your… Read more... How to remove an iCloud account from Mac, iPhone, and iPad Apple’s iCloud service has become deeply embedded in the way we all use Macs and iOS devices. Whether you use all of its services, or just email and contacts, an iCloud account that functions properly is a key part of the experience of using an Apple device. However, there are a… Read more...

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