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How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone As much as you love your iPhone, there’s always a new one around the corner. Apple releases new models every year, and sooner or later, even if you keep updating the iOS, your device starts feeling antiquated. Goodbye old iPhone, hello shiny all singing, all dancing new model! But before… Read more... How to transfer photos from an iPhone to a PC Just because you have an iPhone doesn’t necessarily mean you use the entire Apple ecosystem. So when you need to copy photos from your iPhone or iPad to a Windows laptop or desktop PC, it may seem puzzling. But don’t worry: you don't need any special software or tech knowledge… Read more... iPhone photography 101: Quick tips to take better iPhone photos Taking awesome photos in 2019 is easier than it’s ever been — thanks in part to your iPhone. Not only do you not need a DSLR to get professional-quality photos, but you can also keep your entire photo album in your pocket. Like any new skill, iPhone photography does take… Read more... How to create long exposure photos on iPhone Long exposure photography has long been a technique used by professional photographers to produce stunning landscape shots and light trails, but until recently the effect couldn’t be imitated with an iPhone. Long exposure shots require slow shutter speed, and while DSLR cameras can manage that with ease, iPhones just don’t… Read more... How to use Google Photos on iPhone iPhone users have long been plagued with space shortage. Even after clearing out unused apps and old text conversations, you often find yourself forced to start paying for iCloud. Now, thanks to Google Photos, you won’t have to anymore. I know what you’re thinking, why do I need another app… Read more... My Photo Stream: What it is and how to use it Do you know the frustration of looking for a photo on your computer only to realize it’s on your phone? Or trying to show someone a picture from your vacation only to remember you took that pic with your DSLR camera, so it’s on your computer at home? It’s this… Read more... Best cloud storage for your photos in 2019 Think about the best picture you’ve ever taken. It doesn’t matter if it was with your phone or that shiny camera you have. Would you be upset if you something happened and you lost the photo? Chances are, you would. But fear not, gone are the days of having to… Read more... How to clear Xcode cache and stop crashes There are a number of reasons why, when you’re building or testing in Xcode, you might want to clear the cache. Let’s say, for example, that you’re using the iOS simulator to test a website in order to see how it works on an iPhone or iPad. If you make… Read more... How to clean up Outlook attachments If you use Outlook for email on your Mac, it deals with attachments in one of two ways. If you configure it using an IMAP server, attachments are stored on the server until you open them. If you use a POP 3 server, they will be downloaded with the message.… Read more... Here’s how to delete Time Machine backups Time Machine is such an incredibly useful tool and so easy to use that everyone should be using it to back up their Mac. Not only will it bail you out if the worst happens and you need to delete your boot drive reinstall macOS from scratch, but it allows… Read more...

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