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How to Clear Cache on Mac OS X There are roughly three main types of caches you can clean on your Mac: user cache, system cache (including app cache and dns cache), and browser cache. This article will go over cleaning up all three. Now, when it comes to clearing cache on Mac, there are two ways you… Read more... How to Increase Available Disk Space on Your Mac A full disk causes a lot of trouble. Your Mac will slow to a crawl, because the free space previously used as temporary memory disappears. Certain apps just won’t run and obviously, you’ll get to a point where you’ve run out of available disk space entirely. That’s the bad news.… Read more... How to Secure Empty Trash on Mac That little silver trash can on your Mac’s desktop represents an invisible Mac trash folder. Technically, items in your trash are still on your Mac, as you can drag them right back out. To delete those items, you simply empty the trash. But are they really gone? In this post,… Read more... How to Clean Up Your Mac Without Full Reinstall There’s nothing like that “fresh Mac” feeling, when everything is clean and running like new. A healthy Mac boosts productivity by working well and eliminating down time. How to achieve this wonderful state? There are three ways. First, buy a brand-new Mac. It’s not the most economical option, but there… Read more... How to Fix Frozen Mac Apps? Imagine this: you’re working happily on your Mac when the dreaded beach ball of death appears. A program stops responding or worse, the macOS (or OS X) itself refuses to do anything but stare at you, blankly. You have a frozen Mac app or an OS X freeze. Mac OS… Read more... All You Need to Know About Free Mac Cleaners Do you feel safe using free Mac software? Sticky notes and bubble screensavers aside, think of software that digs deep into your Mac system and fixes it where it needs fixing. Can you be sure free Mac cleaners are safe? Taking it on trust is a bit like buying a… Read more... How to Remove Startup Items on Mac? What are startup items? Why clean up startup items? Startup items, or login items, are services and applications that launch every time you start your Mac. The are applications who sneak into startup items without notice, never asking if you need or want them there. This way you may end… Read more... How to Fix Crashing Apps on your Mac As Mac OS X users, we have something to be happy about when it comes to app crashes and freezes: rarity. Typically you can work on your Mac for hours at a time without a single issue. However, a crashing app certainly can happen, leading to lost productivity, time and,… Read more... What are Mac System Preferences, and How Do I Fix Them? What are system preference files on Mac OS X? Your Mac's system preference files are files that store the rules (or parameters) that tell your apps how they should work. And you can find these preference files within each applications' contents. And what about broken preferences? Well, with time, these preference files can be corrupted… Read more... How to Lock a Folder on a Mac You wouldn't wave around a printout of your W-2 or credit card statements in public, and not protecting the digital version of those files on your Mac is just as dangerous. Criminals have become more sophisticated than ever. There's no telling if you're targeted, either, until it's too late and… Read more...

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