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How to free up space on external hard drive The transition from hard drives to solid state storage on both portable and desktop Macs has meant a significant reduction in storage space for most of us. That in turn has meant that many of us now have at least one external hard drive, SSD, or USB stick on which… Read more... Photo composition 101: Photography rules you need to know What differentiates a good photo from a great one? Is it the type of lens used to capture the shot? The cost of the camera? The settings? While all of these things play a part, image composition is what makes a fabulous photo stand out from the mediocre. We’re going… Read more... 10 easy photography tips all beginners should follow Getting into photography is as exciting as it is confusing. Undoubtedly you have all these great ideas of photos you’re going to take, but when it comes down to actually shooting them, they just aren’t coming out as you had hoped. The good news? One, you definitely aren’t the first… Read more... Best photo backup options for Mac Have you ever had trouble finding a photo and feared the worst — that you accidentally deleted it? Or maybe you’ve heard a friend bemoan of how their hard drive failed and they lost everything from pictures of their firstborn to that once-in-a-lifetime selfie with Michael Jordan? After taking a… Read more... Best photo sharing sites you can use for free Whether you’re using a digital camera or the camera on your phone, you can get amazing pictures with a press or tap of a button. And with your photos synced between devices, it’s just as easy to relive those memories from your weekend in the wine country or laugh at… Read more... Camera basics: How to use the three main camera settings Are you still shooting in auto mode? There’s nothing wrong with using the auto setting on your DSLR, but learning to use manual camera settings will give you more control over your photos, allow you to shoot in all types of lighting conditions, and encourage you to shoot more creatively.… Read more... iPhone camera filters and effects to spruce up your photos Have you ever taken a photo on your iPhone and wished you could tweak it just a little bit? Maybe the picture is fine, but you know that if it were a little warmer or maybe had some more greens, it would look so much better. Thanks to some of… Read more... How to edit photos on iPhone with the iOS Photos app While there are hundreds of photo editors for iOS on the App Store, one is often overlooked: your iPhone’s very own Photos app. Photos can handle all the basics from changing brightness to cropping and rotating and just about everything in between. If you never really thought about using the… Read more... 10 best camera apps for iPhone that beat the iOS Camera The best camera you can possibly use is the one that’s always with you, right in your pocket. And if the phone in your pocket is an iPhone, you’re lucky to have one of the best mobile cameras around. That being said, your iPhone’s Camera app doesn’t give you that… Read more... How to delete Mail attachments Attachments can either remain on the server or be downloaded to your Mac, depending on the type of file and the option you specify in Account Preferences. For example, images, PDFs, video, and audio files are always downloaded, and they’re displayed in the body of the email. You can choose… Read more...

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