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How To Choose Applications We all love apps. But there are applications that work incorrectly, cause instability and generally should not be promoted in any way. We know that, because users often report our Customer Support about such apps and we are interested in making CleanMyMac safer and more cautious in cleaning third-party programs.… Read more... How to delete photos from an iPhone: The complete guide iPhone is the perfect tool for taking spontaneous, memorable photos: it’s always there, you don’t need anything else to take a shot, and you don’t even have to be a pro to make it good. Because of that it’s easy to get carried away and pack your phone full of… Read more... Intel chip security flaw: Will your Mac be affected? macOS security update: What are Meltdown and Spectre The beginning of 2018 has had the technology world in frenzy. Two major processor vulnerabilities, namely Spectre and Meltdown have been discovered. Experts claim this current bug is unlike any security breach we’ve seen in the past because it affects hardware. This… Read more... How to clear cache and Other data to clean up your iPhone As you use your iPhone, it gets filled up with all sorts of things: apps, photos, videos, messages. And that’s fine, but it also gets filled up with stuff you have little control over and don’t necessarily need. If you ever checked your storage, you know there’s a vaguely named… Read more... How to back up your iPhone Picture this: it’s the last day of your trip to Barcelona, and you decide to take a farewell selfie on the beach, and... there goes your iPhone with all your vacation photos, straight into the warm blue wave. Shock. Despair. Chaos. Unless, of course, you have a backup. Backing up… Read more... Fix Mac hardware problems after running Apple Diagnostics Most Mac users will experience years of using a Mac without any problems. But every so often, a hardware issue could surface that could significantly impact how your Mac performs. Identifying the cause of problems — hardware or software — is the first step to fixing them. It could make… Read more... How to back up your Mac using Time Machine Why do I need a Time Machine backup? There are few things more terrifying for anyone who uses a Mac regularly, whether it’s for work, study, or organizing family photos, than the thought of losing data. Whether it’s every file on your hard drive, or just a few important documents… Read more... How to uninstall multiple programs at once on Windows PC Have you ever wondered why you can’t remove multiple programs in Windows? Programs have their own uninstallers, so you have to launch uninstallation for each program separately. Unfortunately the process takes time and doesn’t guarantee complete uninstallation. Some leftovers may be overlooked and removing them will require even more time… Read more... How and why to use private browsing in Safari on macOS When browsing online, everyone leaves two sets of footprints. Most, if not every website keeps track of web visitors. Which is why most ask you to accept, click yes or agree to cookies, whereby they leave a cookie in your browser cache in case you come back. Cookies make it… Read more... Editing Mac hosts file: What does this mean? What is hosts file and how does it differ from DNS? First of all, what is the hosts file, and how does it differ from the more commonly known DNS? The Domain Name System is the database that corresponds an IP address’ “dotted quad” numerical format with a website’s alphabetized… Read more...

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