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How to run Mac OS X Maintenance Scripts What are maintenance scripts? Mac’s OS X has a built-in function to keep your system from getting bogged down with old files that are no longer needed. Every Mac has three versions of its maintenance scripts — daily, weekly, and monthly — that handle clearing out different unnecessary files as… Read more... How to start up your Mac in Recovery Mode What is Mac Recovery Mode? Apple recovery mode is available in an emergency when your macOS is running into serious difficulties. There are four main features of Mac’s Recovery Mode, whether that is the regular recovery or internet recovery: Restore from Time Machine Backup: Use a previous version of your… Read more... How, why and when to boot Mac in Safe Mode Reasons to start your Mac in Safe Mode Mac's Safe Mode minimizes the applications you have available on your Mac to help identify where any issues might be coming from. Starting up your computer and making it run in Safe Mode is also known as a safe boot (safe boot… Read more... How to check RAM usage on Mac The simplest answer to the question: how much RAM do I need for my Mac is ‘as much as possible.’ You can never have too much RAM, whereas having too little can seriously affect the performance of your Mac. Sadly, however, it’s not quite as simple as that. Adding extra… Read more... How to use System Preferences on Mac System preferences in Mac OS X or macOS as we now call it is the key to making changes to a whole raft of different settings on your Mac. Everything from changing your desktop background to sharing files and folders is configured using System Preferences. Where is System Preferences on… Read more... How to use the Terminal command line in macOS The Terminal app allows you to control your Mac using a command prompt. Why would you want to do that? Well, perhaps because you’re used to working on a command line in a Unix-based system and prefer to work that way. Terminal is a Mac command line interface. There are… Read more... How to show hidden files on your Mac Your Mac has a secret. Thousands of them in fact, in the form of hidden files and folders lurking on its hard drive or SSD. Don’t worry, though. These files and folders are all supposed to be there. In fact, many of them are essential. Many of these files are… Read more... How to transfer files to a new Mac using Migration Assistant Buying a new Mac is hugely exciting. But if there’s one thing that takes the edge off the thrill, it’s the prospect of transferring files from your old Mac to the new one. It’s not just documents, of course, it’s applications, settings files, caches and everything else that’s involved in… Read more... Best app cleaners for Mac: How to uninstall apps completely Far too many Macs are full of apps people don't need. Removing apps is not the easy task many would assume. Apps have a way of taking up space all over your Mac, which means simply deleting them won’t always clear up as much memory as you would hope. With… Read more... 5 free Mac cleaners: Get a clean and fast Mac in minutes Keeping your Mac tidy takes hours of work. Doing this the manual way means trawling through folders upon folders of documents, files, images, music, videos, apps and email downloads, and countless more places in your Mac where junk and clutter accumulates. You don't need most of this. Your Mac would… Read more...

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