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How to Delete Saved Passwords on Mac In this article, we'll go over how to delete saved passwords on Mac. Your Mac's saved passwords are stored, and accessed, in the browser(s) you use — We'll show you how to manually clear your saved passwords in the browsers listed below. But before we start, there is an easier solution when it comes to… Read more... How to Secure Erase Files on Mac OS X What is secure erasing a file on Mac? Secure erasing a file is removing the file completely from your Mac. What this means is, is that a file that is secure erased cannot be recovered by you or any third party applications; it's the ultimate way to completely get rid… Read more... How to Remove Widgets on Mac A problem for most Mac users is the question, "How can I remove widgets on Mac?" Well, not to worry — deleting widgets on a Mac isn't such a problem. All you need is a little bit of time, or just the right tools. So in this article, we'll go over how to remove widgets… Read more... How to Clear Autofill on Mac OS X Just about every Mac browser has autocomplete (a.k.a. autofill) as a feature. And cleaning up autocomplete the in each of these browsers can be a bit of a pain. So today, we'll go over how to clear autofill forms in each of the major browsers the quick way and the not-so-quick way.… Read more... How to Clean up HTML5 Local Storage on Mac OS X What exactly is HTML5 Local Storage? HTML5 Local Storage is the data that web applications store locally within your browser. Web application data used to be stored in cookies, but that was before HTML5 came along. With HTML5 local storage, larger amounts of data can be stored locally (in the… Read more... How to Delete Cookies on Mac OS X Here’s a handy guide on how to delete cookies on Mac. Removing cookies is naturally directly connected to the browser you use. To make it easier, we'll go over each and show you how to clean up cookies from the three most popular browsers: Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Before we… Read more... How to Clear Log Files on Mac? We've got two ways to do it: the manual way and the CleanMyMac 3 way. How to Clear Log Files on a Mac Manually Open Finder and select "Go to Folder" in the Go menu. Type in ~/Library/Logs and hit Enter to proceed to this folder (pay attention to the… Read more... How to Uninstall Safari on Mac OS X Clean up Safari browser the right way — Uninstall it. If you’ve ever dragged an application to the Trash in order to remove it from your Mac, you’ve been doing it wrong. Why is that? Well, the thing is that apps are more than just their application icon. When you… Read more... How to Delete Junk Files on Mac Here’s a quick guide on how to clean junk files on Mac. We’ll go over types of junk you might have on your Mac and why it’s there, as well as ways of getting it removed. Why would you want it removed (apart from the desire to keep your Mac… Read more... How to Delete Language Files from Mac OS X? What are language files? Almost every application on your Mac is available in more than a dozen languages and thus contains specific language files for that matter. Since you don’t speak most of these languages, such files just waste space on your Mac and can be safely removed. How to… Read more...

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