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Tame the Autorun or Booting Faster with CleanMyPC


We hear many people complain about their PC booting slow. Yet they never heard of Autorun and what a powerful functionality is locked up in their Windows. Take a minute to master it. You’ll become a better PC user, less annoyed with stacks of pervasive apps.

 What is Autorun?

Autorun is simply a list of programs that launch automatically when your Windows starts. See those icons next to the clock in the bottom right corner? It’s just a small fraction of the Autorun apps like MS Office, media players, software updaters and the like. They add themselves to the Autorun so they are always at hand. Good if need two or three of them, but the rest are merely a burden.

 Why are Autorun apps a problem?

According to CleanMyPC support data, adding 5 extra apps to Autorun slows down your computer boot time by 20 seconds. Some Autorun apps are extremely memory-hungry and drag the overall PC performance down. But why keep opened a photo editor or a PDF reader when you’re not using them? CleanMyPC helps you safely disable these secondary apps and tidy up in your Autorun garage.

Your new friend, the Autorun module in CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC’s Autorun tab displays every single item that occupies your Autorun. Here you can switch off or turn back on apps anytime. Keep the programs you’ll be using daily — disable the rest for now.

  1. Launch CleanMyPC
  2. Click the Autorun tab
  3. Move the switch left to stop it from starting upon boot

Don’t know what the app is for? The logo and Publisher’s name should give your more insight. 

When Autorun module helps you best:

  • Speed up Windows boot on your computer      
  • Turn off noisy apps spamming you with notifications 
  • Free up RAM when you need more of it         
  • Lessen the CPU load for more important tasks 
  • Improve computer performance to get more done

Use Autorun wisely: some security apps like antivirus or firewall are there for a purpose. Trim down the “gray cardinals” and all the unimportant ones. Wondering how many apps are running in your Autorun right now? Launch CleanMyPC and take control over them.

Don't have CleanMyPC? Download it using the link below.

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