CleanMyMac 3 menu explained

The CleanMyMac 3 Menu is an important navigational and monitoring tool to make tracking your Mac’s most important readings easy. It’s beautiful sleek and light-weight design allows it to monitor your Mac while using barely any of your systems resources.

How can I access the CleanMyMac 3 Menu?

The helper always remains available to you in the top right corner of your Mac so, even when CleanMyMac 3 is not open you can still control important settings and initiate important processes like freeing up RAM. Having quick access to this can be very useful because when your Mac starts getting slow you can quickly open the helper and free up RAM so active processes have more memory to rely on. This will relieve the pressure on your RAM.

What exactly does it do?

In addition to the RAM gauge, the viewer also provides your drive status, your battery status, and trash usage. These important features are all neatly organized and presented in a low key visual display in the bar, in the top right corner of your Mac.

What kinds of Mac health cases can it cover?

Health monitoring

The health alerts won’t be visible until it your Mac is hurting. It reads a number of system diagnostics to indicate wear and tear on your Mac.

  1. Monitors SMART disk and SSD Life diagnostics.
  2. Keeps track of your battery cycles and its reserve.
  3. Monitors disk temperature to keep it within recommended rates.
  4. Identifies freezing processes to avoid wasting CPU time.

Trash and free space monitoring

The CleanMyMac Menu keeps track of the following parameters:

  1. Warns you about a critical amount of free space.
  2. Reminds to empty your Trash when it exceeds the threshold you set.
  3. Offers to correctly uninstall trashed applications.

Depending on your Mac’s health cases, you may eventually receive one of the following warnings from CleanMyMac 3 Menu: