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MacPaw is looking for a Product Manager to join the Setapp team. Setapp is a service which lets the user get unlimited access to the library of applications right on their Mac. For a subscription fee, it gives you the opportunity to use all these quality apps you've always wanted to try out — without the need to buy and install each app individually. 

Since Setapp’s release in January 2017, we were named the best consumer product of the year by Product Hunt community (the Golden Kitty Award), brought onboard 119 apps (they would cost you $3400 if you had to buy them all separately!), engaged an incredible community of 700 000 users all over the world, and grew an amazing team of 35 bright and creative people, who are working everyday to make the product even better. 

Some more numbers:

  • Released in Jan, 2017
  • In 6 month reached $1M ARR
  • 700K+ tried Setapp
  • Now: $2M+ ARR

We also got continuously amazing results through content marketing. Some numbers to support this? 30% of our traffic now comes from SEO. We already have SEO expertise, a blog with good performance (which we'd like to make it even better), we have a budget for it — and most importantly, we're not trying to going to plug the hole with anything that comes our way, but building a stable and strong traffic channel. We want to scale this success, and we're creating a new team which will fully concentrate on this task. 

We’ll need a new Product Manager to lead this Setapp Editorial Team. So, why is this role awesome?

  • You’ll be free to choose the editorial strategy for the whole product. 
  • You’ll hire your own team to bring this strategy to life (how many and which specialities you’ll need will be totally up to you).
  • You’ll fully own the tactics of how we reach the results we set for this channel (ethically, of course).
  • You and your chosen team will have an opportunity to dramatically influence the product’s growth through educational content.

The dream candidate for this role for us is someone who knows all about content strategy, understands SEO potential and what has to be done to realize it from the development perspective. If measuring your efficiency with metrics like search traffic growth, bounce rate, content engagement and the channel's conversion rate is like the second nature to you — please apply, and let's start talking. 


In general, we'll need you to build a CPA-monetized editorial business. Here are some details on how: 

  • Analyze the Setapp Editorial potential and which people we need to realize it. Then hire those people
  • Develop a system to create and distribute educational content within Setapp's desktop app (and possibly use it in other channels as well)
  • Create a content strategy for Setapp web and Setapp desktop (this includes SEO, brand and educational content)
  • Set goals for organic traffic and create well-structured plans to reach them
  • Communicate the plans to the development, product strategy and stakeholders teams to align them with the whole product's vision
  • Plan and realize link building programs together with our experienced SEO specialist
  • Provide product & UX support to related marketing growth channels
  • Identify the traffic growth opportunities and work with the writers to create the needed content
  • Search for, bring in and work with SEO freelancers
  • 3+ years experience of Product Management of big content/media projects (i.e. blogs) for English-speaking audiences
  • Have experience in management or collaboration with SEO and editorial teams (or hands-on experience in SEO or editorial management)
  • Have upper-intermediate level of English
  • Be able to analyze content and create a plan to convert in into signups
  • Have user-centric perspective (ability to reach the goals without using "grey" methods)
  • Have systemic approach and strong long-term planning skills
  • Be a result-oriented person
As a plus
  • Hands-on experience with SEO and content management
Thank you! Your resume has been submitted. It will be carefully reviewed and we will contact you should your skills and experience match the requirements. Good luck!
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