CleanMyDrive 2: Manage drives easily

We’re so excited today — we’ve just released CleanMyDrive 2, a speedy, lightweight drive manager for Mac. The new version has turned a simple drive cleaner into a full pack of handy features. CleanMyDrive 2 cleans system trash off external drives, shows usage info with all the stats, and plus, you can copy files by dragging them directly to any drive. It’s free to download, so you can try it right away.

What’s cool in CleanMyDrive 2?

Clean hidden junk CleanMyDrive 2 cleans up files which are otherwise hard to get rid of. Such as service files created by OS X and Windows that corrupt your external drive’s compatibility with other devices. Most of them are hidden. Others are visible, but hard to delete. And all of them mean trouble.

Know what takes up space CleanMyDrive 2 shows the storage bar for each of your external drives. Just like Mac’s native bar for the internal drive, you get to see types of files and how much they hog.

Copy files quickly to any drive With CleanMyDrive 2 you don’t have to rummage around in Finder – all of your drives are at hand in the menu bar. Drag and drop any file right into the app to copy it to the drive you want.

Close, unplug, and go Why stand around waiting for each drive to eject when you just can hit the Eject All button? Or even faster — a keyboard shortcut. And, if you’ve accidentally closed your Mac with a USB stick plugged in, CleanMyDrive 2 ejects it automatically, keeping all your data intact.

P.S. There is also one feature that we genuinely love, the customizable disk icons. Our designers had the time of their lives with it. It’s so much fun, do check it out.

Anyway, we’d love to know what you think of it. Tell us on the App Store, Twitter, and Facebook.