DevMate and Paddle are Joining Forces to Create a World-Class Billing and Distribution Platform for Software Developers.

The transaction would unite DevMate’s leadership in app development technology with Paddle’s billing excellence, creating a global leader with the enhanced ability to provide innovative, reliable and cost-efficient toolset for software developers. This transaction will create a leading technology and innovation company, differentiated by its ability to deliver all-in-one solution for selling and distributing software online. The combined company would enjoy strong positions on a software market and create a more integrated and diverse platform for selling and distributing software online.

The combined company would continue the operations under the Paddle name, retaining the globally recognized brand. Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and Founder of DevMate will join a Board of Directors of Paddle, as contemplated by the agreement.

“We share the same vision on what developers platform we want to create”, said Oleksandr Kosovan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MacPaw Inc. “The combination of DevMate and Paddle platforms creates an exciting opportunity for the software market and for our customers”.

Christian Owens, Founder and CEO, Paddle, Inc.: “We consider this to be a true strategic merger and expect to achieve a synergy effect from this deal, as it brings together the capabilities and best-in-class technologies of the both companies, creating a unique and compelling opportunity on a market.”

Gregorio Zanon,  DigiDNA: “The platform which will result from this merger sounds hugely promising. Centralising payments alongside licensing, app delivery, and issue reporting tools, will provide a simpler and more integrated experience for software developers. We’re eager to see it in action!”

The parties expect to complete the development of the combined next generation platform within the next 12 months. DevMate will continue to operate as a separate service till the final transition to a new product.

About Paddle

Paddle, is a London-based start-up founded in 2012. The company makes it easy to sell software to customers worldwide by handling sales tax, numerous payment methods, including all major credit cards and PayPal, as well as fraud prevention and checkout recovery. Paddle has been growing at 350-400% a year for the last few years. It currently has more than 500 customers and last year announced Series A investment of $3.2 million, led by BGF Ventures with participation from Kindred Capital. Bringing funding to date to $5.4m. https://www.paddle.com/

About DevMate

DevMate , Inc., a sub company of MacPaw Inc., is a leading development and distribution platform for Mac software. DevMate brings a wide variety of efficient and secure tools for app development, including activation, distribution, update delivery, crash reporting, user feedback collection, app analytics. DevMate’s client portfolio includes Smile Software, DigiDNA, Realmac Software, SecureMac and other proven developers. https://devmate.com/

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