MacPaw officially releases DevMate

DevMate helps developers prime their applications for release, making it incredibly easy to set up product licensing, deliver updates to customers, get user feedback, integrate crash reporting, and more. Whether you’re an indie developer or an established company, DevMate gives you all the necessary tools to sell your applications outside the Mac App Store. 

“When it comes to selling applications, the most common route developers take is by selling through the Mac App Store — that’s great. However, there is a huge market outside the Mac App Store with amazing sales opportunities,” said Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO of MacPaw Inc. “To reach this market, developers must commit to weeks of extra work. It wasn’t long ago that MacPaw was a small company of developers with the same problems, which is why we’ve created DevMate, an app development and distribution platform. It helps developers escape the boring, yet necessary, coding, and lets them focus more on their product — and their customers.” 

DevMate is a two-fold platform that helps developers to get the application ready for release and distribution, and improve it by analyzing application data and insights. DevMate consists of DevMate’s SDK and DevMate Dashboard. By integrating DevMate SKD into the application collects and send data to DevMate. The Dashboard process all collected data and presents application data that gives developers a quick and complete overview of how their app is performing, and helps them increase the value of their business.

  DevMateKit Dashboard
Activations & Licensing Activation protects applications and supports the entire licensing process. It covers: requesting, obtaining, and securely storing the license on the customer’s system. Licensing helps developers protect their application with an activation mechanism and create secure trial versions of applications. Developers can create different license types for products — single, family, or corporate licenses. They can also bundle a few products together, or create license bulks for selling through partners.
Update Delivery The update mechanism, based on the improved Sparkle framework, keeps users up-to-date with the latest application version.  Users get immediate, automatic updates when a new version of an application is released. The Dashboard lets developers upload application builds, release updates, and monitor application usage statistics. Advanced update features include: creating delta updates, testing update procedures before rollout, limiting your updates to specific OS version, and customizing update scenarios via redirecting customers to landing pages with update conditions.
Crash Reporting With DevMateKit, an application quickly collects crash reports and sends them to DevMate in real time. All crash or issue reports are processed and symbolicated on DevMate’s server. Collected crash reports are grouped by issue in the Dashboard, and show the impact on application users, environmental factors, and detailed statistics. This allows developers to quickly localize and fix the problem. 
Feedback Collection DevMateKit collects feedback right from the application, giving customers the opportunity to share their thoughts, suggest new features, or can request improvements. Users can also supplement their feedback with screenshots or video, app version, device and OS info, localization, and log file.  All feedback is collected in the Dashboard where developers can reply to user feedback via email and, if necessary, request additional information.

Availability and Pricing
DevMate is available to both indie developers and vendor companies, and the base price for usage is free. The price is based on a tier structure that’s evaluated monthly and is associated with the quantity of activations, updates delivered, and active user base. Customers pay based on their highest factor. See DevMate’s Pricing Page for more information.

About MacPaw
DevMate is created by MacPaw, an OS X and iOS development company. Apart from its top product, CleanMyMac, MacPaw has released a number of popular apps (Gemini, Hider 2, Listen). Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, MacPaw has gained solid recognition among over four million customers, all over the world. Since 2008, the company has been developing apps with a strong focus on design and functionality to ensure that every user gets a stunning app experience. Visit macpaw.com for more information.

Press Contact
Julia Petryk | julia@macpaw.com

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