CleanMyMac 3: Clean up. Speed up. Health up.

Succeeding the popular CleanMyMac Classic, and best selling CleanMyMac 2, CleanMyMac 3 has gotten a whole new Yosemite makeover and now not only cleans up disk space, but also monitors Mac performance, maintains Mac health, and provides users with even more advanced cleaning options.

“CleanMyMac 3 is far more than just a cleaning utility. With the third version, CleanMyMac has become a tool that helps users clean, maintain, and monitor their Mac’s health. We’ve moved from a niche cleaning application to a powerful Mac maintenance utility,” says Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO of MacPaw. “We’ve added functionality to make it more than just a Mac cleaner; CleanMyMac 3 can be used every day to maintain Mac health and performance.”

CleanMyMac 3 Key Features

iTunes and Mail Cleanups

Mail and iTunes can be cleaned with CleanMyMac, including gigabytes of email attachments and downloads in Mail, and broken downloads, outdated iOS updates, and more, in iTunes.


Maintenance and Privacy Utilities

Maintenance lets users repair disk permissions, reindex Spotlight, and speed up Mail, and Privacy cleans up chat logs, browser history, and more, in one application.


Health Alerts and Dashboard Features

CleanMyMac 3 monitors Mac performance and health. Performance is displayed in real time on the CleanMyMac 3 Dashboard. Alerts inform users on how the hardware is holding up.


Pricing and Availability

Even with all its new features, CleanMyMac 3 costs $39.95, the same price as CleanMyMac 2. In addition, current CleanMyMac users can upgrade to CleanMyMac 3 with a 50% discount. Users who would like to try the application before making a purchase can download the trial here.


Tech Specs

CleanMyMac 3 requires OS X 10.8 and later, Intel Macs only.


About MacPaw

MacPaw is an OS X and iOS development company. Apart from its top product, CleanMyMac, MacPaw has released a number of popular apps (Gemini, Hider 2, Listen). Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, MacPaw has gained solid recognition among over four million customers, all over the world. Since 2008, the company has been developing apps with a strong focus on design and functionality to ensure that every user gets a stunning app experience. Visit macpaw.com for more information.


Press Contact

Julia Petryk | julia@macpaw.com

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