Setapp Goes Global and Speaks French, German and Portuguese Now

Developed to provide a seamless experience of Mac app usage through subscriptions, Setapp gives access to a curated collection of macOS apps of different categories for a monthly fee. As an ultimate solution for both vendors and customers, Setapp undergoes constant product improvements. Today it adds 3 foreign languages to serve customers globally.

A recent survey identified the most widely used languages. According to Setapp subscribers polled, 20% of the users are English speaking, 8% Setapp subscribers’ mother tongue is French. German is close to it with 7%. And almost 5% users would like to see Portuguese localization. Not to mention growing popularity of Spanish and Italian.

“Localization is a great improvement to the product, - says Oleksandr Kosovan, Founder and CEO of Setapp. - It is extremely important to keep an eye on our users’ needs and respond to them, therefore we decided to make Setapp more comfortable in use by providing multilingual version and meet the needs of the market”.

The Setapp interface is now localized across 3 languages, Spanish and Italian Setapp versions are on their way.

Supported Languages

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese


A single monthly subscription of $9.99 (a trial month). With a referral program one get up to 6 months of free subscription.

Tech Specs

macOS 10.10, min disk space 150mb

About Setapp

Setapp is a flat-fee subscription service for macOS software. For a single monthly subscription of only $9.99, Setapp users have a full access to a curated library of high-quality, fully functional Mac software. As of now, Setapp has 80 apps, from 72 vendors, worth a total of $2,485 and 200,000 subscribers.

Press Contact

Julia Petryk | julia@macpaw.com

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