Setapp introduces an AI-based App Advisor for Smart App Recommendations

Today Setapp, the first Mac app-subscription service launches a personalised recommendation system. Every time a user launches Setapp, it will come up with app suggestions from Setapp collection.

Setapp recommendation models rely mostly on:

  • collaborative filtering which it is to determine the users’ preferences from historical usage data. If two customers use largely the same set of applications, their tastes are likely to be similar.
  • content-based filtering which is to recommend the applications that are similar to those that a user used in the past. And this is where a really huge number of the apps use cases are constantly analyzed.

“We decided to improve the app discovery process by leveraging AI to implement the recommendation system. It’s a huge product milestone that the Setapp team has been investing months in the development and involved a team of the best engineers”, says Oleksandr Kosovan, founder and CEO of Setapp. “We’re constantly working on product improvements. Along with the recent launch of Setapp App Discovery feature the App Advisor is developed to give better user experience to Setapp customers.”

The next big challenge the product will face is the language. Setapp is about to start speaking different languages to serve customers globally.


A single monthly subscription of $9.99 with a free trial month. With a referral program one can get up to 6 months of free subscription.

Tech Specs
macOS 10.10, min disk space 150mb

About Setapp
Setapp is a flat-fee subscription service for macOS software. For a single monthly subscription of only $9.99, Setapp users have a full access to a curated library of high-quality, fully functional Mac software. As of now, Setapp has 77 apps, from 69 vendors, worth a total of $2,437 and 200,000 subscribers.

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