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Gemini Feature Requests. MacPaw
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CleanMyDrive 2 Feature Requests. MacPaw
CleanMyPC Feature Requests. MacPaw

Gemini 2 Feature Requests

Scheduled scanning
Add an 'Ignore' feature
Allow the search in Moved to Trash to resume where you left off after deleting a putting back a file
Aperture Photo Duplicates
Could Gemini notify me when file I marked for removal is used by the system or an app?
Default location search
Delete in batches without rescan
Empty Duplicate File
Exclude folder feature
Excluding files from scanning
Favorite List & Recent Folders
I do not want to Tweet a result
Ignore This Item
iPhoto Duplicates
Multiple files selection
Option to Disable iTunes Library Protection
Option to Replace Duplicate File with Alias
Please translate to Turkish
Prevent searching in hidden directories
Public Ignore List
Remove Resulting Empty Folders
Save scan results and finish cleaning later
Scanning for certain duplicates
Searching for similar content
"See all duplicates" option
Select Preffered Folder
Show Results while scanning
Support Cloud Files
Use spacebar to select files for deletion

CleanMyDrive 2 Feature Requests

Add Number marker to Menubar icon for number of drives loaded
Allow a BootCamp partition on an internal drive to be cleaned
Allow drives to be ejected without cleaning first.
An option to stop asking about new drives
Choose what to keep
Clean System Trash
Clean TrueCrypt Disk Images
Complete Keyboard Navigation of Menubar popup
Drive Activity Flash in Menubar Icon (Read/Write)
Eject any USB device like photo camera or iPhone
Eject External Drive on MacBook lid close
Erase hidden OS X system files (e.g. ".Trashes")
Exclude disk from Eject All
eyecandy stuff
Hide Icon
Hide menubar icon
Hide Specific Drives
Ignore Internal Drive
Ignore Volumes by Format
Increase max ignore disk size
Manual sorting
Network Drive Support
NTFS Drives
Show Available Space on Menu Bar
Show unmounted drives
support for fast user switching
Using the less powerful graphic card on macbook pro

CleanMyMac Classic Feature Requests

Ability to scan for all .app to uninstall
Add ability to force empty Trash
Add Facebook share button
Add Full-Screen Support
Add image compression in CMM
Add search for files with similar content
Allow to set the limit for the size of Trash manually
App Updater
Application deleter from inside CMM
Automatic application slimming in CMM
Automatic icons removal
Backup support for slimmed and uninstalled apps in CMM
Bigger Checkboxes, Smaller Icons & Full Screen Support
Built-in browser of applications and other stuff
Choose what items to start in start-up.
Clean Final Cut Pro X Render Files
Clean Others Apple Products
CleanMyMac doesn't clean external drives
CleanMyMac logs
CleanMyMac should be able to clean duplicates as well
Cleanup reminder
CMM should be able to clean browsing data too
Contextual option in Finder for external drives scanning
Custom folders cleaning
Delete broken aliases
Delete Duplicate contacts in contact list
Delete the application installer.
Disk defragmentation in CleanMyMac
Drivers management in CMM
Dutch language support in CleanMyMac
File compression feature in CMM
Finder contextual menu option for Uninstall Applications
Finder's contextual option to permanently remove the file
Gemini: Easily add a found duplicate to the exclude list
Installation tracking daemon
Kill Process while uninstalling
Make black lists of CMM available for public
Monitoring the apps that eating battery
Old welcome screen
Option to buy an app as a gift
Option to move apps to Trash
Permanent logging in as a superuser
Pls add one-click cleaning button
Plugin for visualizing scan results
Rating of the apps I'm using
Removal of Duplicate Launchpad Icons
Removal of Time Machine backups
Save searches
Scan and removal of *.dmg and *.mpkg files
Scan and removal of Mail downloads
Scan of external Hard Drives through wifi
Scheduled scans support
Search the scan results feature
Slim/small and simple view
Specific scan in one click
Support of Mac OS X maintenance scripts in CMM
Text Box to Search For Files/Apps/Etc. To Be Deleted
To be able to check junk files/folders while it's scanning
Toolbar icon that indicates progress
tracking specified files
Trash section in Clean My Mac
Unlock sound
What apps get automatically started when I boot my mac?
Window with excluded applications list is not resizable
Wipe empty space

CleanMyMac 2 Feature Requests

Able to Remove Language Files from other Volumes
Able to reset the total
Add an option to securely erase caches
Add Folders to Ignore list
Archive then delete
Authenticate Once and For All
Auto Notify of Updates with On / Off Feature
Clean other drives
Clean Safari History but leave the selected Top Sites alone
Cleaning iPhoto Duplicates
Cleaning of Aperture library
Cleaning of the Downloads Folder
CleanMyiPad application
CleanMyMac in the shell
Delete mail attachment downloads
Duplicate E-mails cleaning
Easy and manageable Ignore list
Font cleanup
Need clearing cookies in browsers
Network Drive cleaning Features
Re-erase of free space
Skins and color schemes
Uninstall sorting

CleanMyMac 3 Feature Requests

Add Dutch language to the app
AppStore version of CleanMyMac 3 application
Automated scheduled cleanup that cleans my system when I'm at work
Automatic emptying of items in Trash after predetermined interval
Clean modified videos in Photos App
CMM3 Menu: Warn when free space is less than "percentage"
Configurable Dashboard
Empty the trash using the shredder
I don't want to clean my luanguage files!
I want to choose what Mail client to clean in Mail Cleanup
Maintenance tasks schedule
"Other" Storage Files Report
Print report of cleaning with details about cleaned space, files maybe with charts showing cleaned space
Privacy, time range to clean options are insufficient
Select the items to be scanned with System Cleanup
Select *which* mail attachments to delete, local or original
Temperature monitor

Hider 2 Feature Requests

Add a new Vault
Allow vault on Dropbox for syncing
An iOS app that can access the hidden files on my Mac
German version of Hider
Hide Hider in the Application Folder
I want to share files with my friends
iCloud sync support
Mail app support
Optional encryption or less complex encryption to cut down time
View Secret Notes on iPhone

CleanMyPC Feature Requests

Ability to disable automatic monitor
Ability to uninstall programs even if the first step (Normal Windows uninstall) fails
Automated scanning
Clean my memory in Clean MyPC
Cleaning of duplicate photos on PC
MS Outlook Attachment removals
Network Version of CleanMyPC
Portable version
Portuguese (Portugal) Localization
Registry Defrag
Remove Right-Click Menu Options

Listen Feature Requests

2 fingers swipes for volume...
Adding scrubbing feature
List music on device only
Listen for iPad
Smart and improved search
Sort by Album Artist
Special controls for listening audiobooks

Encrypto Feature Requests

Add ability to encrypt text in addition to files or folders
Add entry in contextual menu
Double Prompt for Password
Encrypto for Mac OS X 10.8
Expiration Date
iOS devices support
Minimize to Menu Bar
Number of Retries Feature

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