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NTFS Drives
Hi there, i use alot of NTFS volumes with the support of Tuxera NTFS reader/writer for my mac. However Cleanmy drive does not recognise these drives as cleanable with those options. It only enables me to eject them. In saying that, these ntfs drives DO collect junk on them.
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Clean System Trash
It would be great if CleanMyDrive could empty your system Trash even if some files in it are used by other apps.
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Hide menubar icon
I hate having dozen of menubar icons.It will be cool to have an option in the preferences to choose to display CleanMyDrive only when an external drive is plugged. Many thanks for this amazing app :) Cheers!
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Choose what to keep
I'd like an advanced option in the preferences where I can set what shouldn't be deleted from the drives (ex. Spotlight index, which can take a few minutes to build again) instead of the all-or-nothing approach we have now.
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Using the less powerful graphic card on macbook pro
When you are using CleanMyDrive, my macbook pro switch on the more powerful graphic card. And like I use my laptop essentially on battery, I can not use CMD on it.
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Allow a BootCamp partition on an internal drive to be cleaned
I have my internal HDD partitioned with HFS+ and NTFS partitions. The HFS+ partition is my Mac OS boot volume, and the NTFS partition is for BootCamp (and also used with Parallels). I have an NTFS driver that allows me to write to the NTFS partition under Mac OSX. As a result, OS X writes the usual junk files to the NTFS partition. I was hoping CleanMyDrive would allow me to occasionally clean top these files. However, it appears that as the NTFS partition is on an internal drive, it says I have to to use CleanMyMac to remove these files. Can CleanMyDrive be updated to treat an NTFS partition on an internal drive as an *external* NTFS drive?
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Increase max ignore disk size
I think 500G is too small for external disk today. Would you like to increase it? Thanks!
35 Voted
Clean TrueCrypt Disk Images
I frequently use encrypted TrueCrypt drives to exchange data between Mac OS and Windows. Since a TrueCrypt drive is recognized as a disk image, it is not cleaned. It would be very useful to be able to clean these disk images.
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Manual sorting
I would love to see the list of the disks fully adjustable, when the most interesting for me were on the top of list, as I have them sorted.
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Add Number marker to Menubar icon for number of drives loaded
I was using competitor app before I switched over to CMD. It would be great were CMD to have a button or little number on it which showed how many drives it is keeping track of, like my previous app did. Hope this makes sense.
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CleanMyDrive 2

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