CleanMyMac 3 overview

Getting started with cleaning

To get started with CleanMyMac 3 you must launch CleanMyMac 3 from the launch pad in the menu bar. After the app is open you should proceed to activate the application if you have not done so already. For additional instructions on how to activate your CleanMyMac 3 download click here.


Smart Cleanup

For a quick and effortless clean we recommend using the Smart Cleanup module. It is is the first module listed at the top left of the screen when you open CleanMyMac 3. This module incorporates all of the Cleaning modules of CleanMyMac 3 and will give you the most thorough clean. To use it just click on the module and then click on the Clean button in the bottom center of the screen. To learn more about the Smart Cleanup module click here.


System Junk

If you would like to specifically clean the system of your Mac, you should use the System Junk module. This module can help you to keep your daily Mac processes running smooth. It will also help you to make your system lighter by removing unnecessary data from your system. To learn more about how the System Junk module works click here.


Photo Junk

Photo Junk is great for helping to trim down the size of your Photos library. This module will help you safely and easily turn your original copies of edited photos into free space on your hard drive. It will show you both the original photo and your edits so you can decide which photo to delete. To learn more about the Photo Junk module click here.

Mail Attachments

You can use the Mail Attachments module to easily and quickly free up space on your hard drive and lighten up you Mail App. Specifically this module will safely remove the locally stored mail attachments from your Mac. To learn more about the Mail Attachments module click here.


iTunes Junk

This module will help you reduce the size of your iTunes App by cleaning out outdated device backups, old software updates, broken downloads, and copies of iOS apps locally stored on your Mac. From this app you are also able to delete broken downloads, old iOS device backups, and more. To learn more about the iTunes Junk module click here.

Trash Bins

The Trash Bins module will empty well, as you have probably guessed, the trash bins. The module will empty the trash bins of the iPhoto and Mail App in addition to your Mac’s main trash bin. If you would like to read more about how the Trash Bins module works click here.

Large and Old Files

This module is perfect for cleaning up the old and very large files on your computer. We made this module to help you easily find files to delete to quickly free up space on your Mac. The Large and Old Files module will make suggestions on files you for you to review so it is completely safe. Just select the files from the list that you don't need anymore and remove them for extra free space. To learn more about the Large and Old Files module click here.


Getting Started With Optimization

To get started optimizing your Mac you should open up CleanMyMac 3 and go to the Utilities section under the module list on the left side of the app. Here you can find all the modules that will help you organize your Mac and optimize it’s performance.



The Uninstaller module is not only a great way to manage the the apps on your Mac, but it is also the perfect tool for removing apps without having to worry about any data from the apps getting left behind. To use it Just select your app from the module and click Uninstall. To learn more about how the Uninstaller module works click here.


It is recommended that you occasionally use this module to ensure smooth performance from your system’s routine activities. Just open up the module from the Utilities section of the CleanMyMac 3 module list and select the tasks you would like to perform. To learn more about the individual maintenance tasks and how they work click here


The Privacy module is a module that organizes all of the personal information that your Mac saves so you can manage it from one easy to access location. From here you can clean up chat, browsing, and download history, cookies, recent items list, and more. To read more about cleaning up your Mac’s digital footprint click here




This module allows you to easily remove or disable Widgets, Application Plugins, Preference Panes, Dictionaries, Screen Savers, and Login Items. This allows you to decide what to disable or remove all from one easy to access organized location. Just open up the module and decide what you would like to disable or remove. To learn more about the Extensions module click here.


The Shredder module is very useful for removing files without leaving any traces on your hard drive. Now you can easily dispose of sensitive files or information without worrying about it being recoverable. This module also doubles as a way to get around various Finder errors. You can remove items locked by running processes without facing any Finder errors. You can select files to shred from this module or simply drag and drop them onto the module interface. To read more about the Shredder module or how it works click here.


After you have completed your cleanup we recommend that you restart your Mac.

We also recommend that you run the maintenance module routinely once or twice a month. It is also a good idea to routinely run the privacy module so you can always maintain control of the information on your Mac. The Extensions module also should be used occasionally so your browser can remain light weight and optimized to your preferences.

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