CleanMyMac X Menu not loading on macOS Ventura? Learn how to fix this

On macOS 13.0 Ventura, the CleanMyMac X Menu may sometimes fail to start, showing loaders instead of its elements. Let’s fix the problem and make the Menu always load.

I. Update to the latest version of macOS Ventura. The newest OS editions may fix the problem automatically.

To check for updates, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Apple menu  in the upper-left corner of your screen and choose About This Mac.
  2. Click Software Update. If updates are available, install them.
    You may find a detailed guide on installing macOS updates on Apple Support.

Once you restart Mac after updating, open the CleanMyMac X Menu again to check if it's loading.

II. If the problem persists with the latest macOS updates installed, resolve the issue manually:

1.  Open the Terminal app.

You can find Terminal using Spotlight or Launchpad. For detailed steps on opening and quitting Terminal, see this article from Apple

2. Execute this command:

sudo rm /private/var/db/$(id -u).plist

To run the command, copy the code above, paste it in Terminal, and press Enter on your keyboard.

3.  Restart your Mac (without rebooting, the fix will not work).

Great, all features of the CleanMyMac X Menu are now available to you! Learn about them here.

If the steps in this article didn’t help, please contact our Support Team. We’re always happy to help 💙💛

What was actually the problem? macOS Ventura may sometimes "forget" the login items of the apps you've recently updated. Without running login items (service programs that start together with the system), apps can't operate appropriately. Unfortunately, other apps besides CleanMyMac X may also face this problem on macOS Ventura. We hope that the final OS version will be resolving such issues automatically.

How does your fix work? In a nutshell, we return the login item of the CleanMyMac X Menu to the system index. First, the Terminal command removes a record with all login items from your system. Once restarted, macOS automatically generates the record again — and this time, the index includes the login items of all installed apps without exception.

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