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Clean modified videos in Photos App
as for pictures, it would be nice to removed unnecessary cropped footage of modified videos within Photos app
302 Voted
I want to choose what Mail client to clean in Mail Cleanup
It would be nice if I can ask CleanMyMac to clean my Airmail or Thunderbird mail attachments
212 Voted
Automated scheduled cleanup that cleans my system when I'm at work
Hi! Great app, folks! Still I'm missing an automated cleanup option that I can ask CleanMyMac to scan and clean my Mac while I'm at work
199 Voted
AppStore version of CleanMyMac 3 application
That would be great! Yes, I understand that it is not possible, but you can limit some functions and remove some cleaning that Appstore does not allow.
157 Voted
Maintenance tasks schedule
Possibility to run several maintenance tasks automatically at a time e.g. every sunday 20 pm
144 Voted
"Other" Storage Files Report
Every mac has an OTHER category for storage files. This category is generally very full and much HD space is filled with files that fall into this category. Notwithstanding the fact that this is the most difficult category to clean out, there is no program that simply list the files and/or apps that make up the "Other" category. Can you create a feature that simply says "Hey, these are the specific files and/or applications that take up the space that is referenced in your "Other" category?
102 Voted
Configurable Dashboard
Hey, it would be nice to have an option to add or rearrange widgets in Dashboard.
79 Voted
Select *which* mail attachments to delete, local or original
Currently CleanMyMac3 offes to delete the local copies of attachments, i.e. the copies I have saved to my disk, typically re-named and filed to my own filing system. I would like the option to instead delete the copy attached to the original email, which may be present on my disk even after I have deleted the parent email.
60 Voted
Automatic emptying of items in Trash after predetermined interval
It would be useful to be able to set an interval (in days, weeks or months) beyond which CleanMyMac will automatically erase items from the Trash that have sat in the Trash for that interval. So, for example, if I set an interval of 2 months, anything that was moved to the Trash less than 2 months ago is untouched (in case I realise I want it back), but anything moved there more than 2 months ago is automatically erased (because I'm not likely to need it by then). The decision would be based on when the item was moved into the Trash, not on its creation or modification date.
47 Voted
Empty the trash using the shredder
Each time I want to empty my trash I run CleanMyMac and drop my trash content to the shredder. So I think it could be useful to directly empty the trash from the shredder.
47 Voted
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