How to Download CleanMyMac 2?

If you have noticed that the CleanMyMac 2 download can no longer be found on our site, its because we have replaced it with CleanMyMac 3. We truly loved the CleanMyMac 2 app but, we believe that CleanMyMac 3 is so much better. 

The application is available on our web site and could be downloaded by this link


For all users who would like to continue using CleanMyMac 2 the FAQ and Knowledge Base sections about CleanMyMac 2 will always remain available on the MacPaw website.  

We will also always continue to provide support for the users who have decided to keep using CleanMyMac 2, but in order to keep improving the services and products we provide to the Mac community, only CleanMymac 3 will be available for download.

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