Suggest a Feature + Suggest New Feature
Cleaning of Aperture library
I don't use iPhoto, it will be great if CleanMyMac can clean Aperture instead.
482 Voted
CleanMyiPad application
Same / similar features as CleanMyMac but for iPad
271 Voted
Font cleanup
I have so many fonts that are like machine code or chinese...
205 Voted
Authenticate Once and For All
I use CleanMyMac almost daily, sometimes more than once a day. I'm tired of having to enter my username and password every time towards the end of clean up. I'd like the software to be able to authenticate itself once and for all so that I don't have to enter my password every single time.
204 Voted
Re-erase of free space
I would like to be able to re-erase my already removed data so no one can restore that, please add this
198 Voted
Duplicate E-mails cleaning
It'd be great to be able to remove duplicate e-mails from!
128 Voted
Need clearing cookies in browsers
That would be great to clean cookies
113 Voted
Cleaning of the Downloads Folder
It would probably be easy to add a feature that cleans the Downloads folder out. Just search for anything more than a day or two old and throw it out! Thanks for a GREAT app!
80 Voted
Clean Safari History but leave the selected Top Sites alone
This would be great to have a feature to clean web browser's history
79 Voted
Able to reset the total
Would like to keep a running tally of the each instance (total) amount of space deleted/saved. Not just for total of all times, but for each instance with an option to reset.
62 Voted
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