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Cleaning of duplicate photos on PC
It will be great if CleanMyPC will be able to scan the whole computer for the photo duplicates and clean them all.
79 Voted
Remove Right-Click Menu Options
I'd like the option to remove the entries such as 'Securely Erase with CleanMyPC' on many of my right-click menus.
79 Voted
Registry Defrag
A registry defrag would improve registry's performance and the awesomeness of CleanMyPC.
59 Voted
Automated scanning
Automated scanning of PC is the feature you need! It will be great if it can scan on weekly and monthly basis.
38 Voted
Ability to disable automatic monitor
Can you please add switch to disable automatic monitor of the recycle bin and external usb devices?
36 Voted
Network Version of CleanMyPC
It would be great to see a Network editions of CleanMyPC program for small and medium business! Btw, I love your design approach guys!
32 Voted
Ability to uninstall programs even if the first step (Normal Windows uninstall) fails
It would be so nice to have the ability to uninstall programs for which the normal Windows uninstall fails. I guess there can be several cases.
Presently, I guess this message: 'the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable'

And as this first step can't complete, CleanMyPC doesn't go to the second step!

Please add this feature, Please! I heard that this issue happens for almost all apps that were installed before the upgrade from previous Windows to Windows10. So, many people should experience this issue!
25 Voted
Portable version
Having a portable version would be great.
No more wasted time! One could scan a PC without first having to install the software.
This would be a handy feature for IT people that get all kinds of PC's in their hands that need to be cleaned.
12 Voted
Clean my memory in Clean MyPC
CleanMyMac supports a feature that is called Free up Memory, which I use quite often.
I would love that feature also in CleanMy PC.
11 Voted
MS Outlook Attachment removals
Allow to clean all Microsoft Outlook attachments to mails, just like CleanmyMAC 3 does with Apple Mail program.
9 Voted

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