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An iOS app that can access the hidden files on my Mac
I always do use this with my Mac. However, when Hider 2 came in the process, I now need to hide a lot of files and access them on my iPhone/iPad when I am home.

If it is possible, accessing the hidden files on the go (not connected to the same WI-FI) would really be great.
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iCloud sync support
The app is great, but I wish I could store a separate vault on iCloud, so that I could access it from my other Macs.

253 Voted
Optional encryption or less complex encryption to cut down time
i recently purchased your app, and noticed that there is no option to disable encryption to speed up the hiding process... yes it will be less secure but i also won't have to wait over two hours to encrypt and decrypt 150GB worth of data.... just a thought
153 Voted
Add a new Vault
To be able to add a new vault and have multiple vaults on one machine.
107 Voted
View Secret Notes on iPhone
Self-explanatory, let me see my notes on iPhone through some companion app or something.<br />
98 Voted
Mail app support
It would be nice if you could hide mail folders, or separate files - and that the folders or files had a timeframe within the folders and files could be inspected. When timeframe was out - folders or files would self-destruct!
76 Voted
German version of Hider
Hi, please translate Hider app to German language
68 Voted
Hide Hider in the Application Folder
Hide the application so that by looking at the App folder it's not obvious that Hider is installed.
67 Voted
Hider 2

Hider 2 is the Fort Knox of digital storage. Anything and everything you hide with
Hider 2 is tightly locked up and hidden, making it ultra-secure.

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