We’ve known each other for 10 years. You use our apps, have met us in person, and even liked our cats’ pics. You have followed MacPaw all the way from the garage stage (in this case, a dorm room) to the mountain tops of the Mac App Store 😊. Thank you for being a part of that journey.
We’re sure the next decade will be no less fantastic — we got so many new apps and ideas to lay our paws on. But before we get too emotional, check out the birthday video 🎂 that we’ve made. In a sense, it took us #10MacPawYears to make it.
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10 facts you didn’t know about MacPaw
MacPaw started out as a hobby project by a 21-year old student Oleksandr Kosovan. This was back in 2008, in the prehistoric times of the first iPhone.
The company takes its name after Apple’s tradition of cat-inspired macOS: Lion, Tiger, Leopard, etc. Wait…could it have been MacClaw?
Our office is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. In the office live 2 cats, who are officially credited as MacPaw team members.
Every 5th Mac on Earth has a MacPaw app installed on it. And there is at least one MacPaw user in Antarctica. If it’s you, drop us a line.
There is a fully-operational museum inside the MacPaw office. The exhibition features 70 historical Apple Macs — all of them still working!
MacPaw’s flagship app, CleanMyMac 3, cleans 614 TB of junk everyday. That’s 2 times the size of the Library of Congress.
In 2017, we launched Setapp, the first subscription service for Mac apps. It skyrocketed from 0 to 700K users in just 1.5 years. Even fishermen got converted!
In 2017, MacPaw won a Red Dot Award for the “outstanding product design” of Gemini 2 app.
Recently, we became one cat richer as Setapp received a Golden Kitty award from Product Hunt. It’s often called “the Oscar of the tech world.”
To ZIP it up: since 2017, MacPaw owns and supports The Unarchiver — one of the top free apps on the Mac App Store.
And the last one. The upcoming version of CleanMyMac will be called CleanMyMac X. Who can guess why? :-)
CleanMyMac X
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