The MacPaw Universe

We breathe Apple dust and sculpt applications that leak magic at the seams. It’s an honor to make software signed MacPaw. Welcome to your tour behind the screens.

Our core values

We voted and agreed on them as cornerstones of what we do and how we do it.







Humanizing digital experiences
Caring about people and their future
Paying attention to every detail
Making sure that our words match our deeds
Loving what we do, doing what we love
And continuously bring it all up a notch

Make useful unboring

While everybody makes features we make experiences.
It may even look as if our design and development teams are dating.

Creative Kindred

Here’s a story of what it’s like to be one of us.

We consider design done when it’s better than anything we’ve ever seen. We made planting Easter eggs into art. We’re software madmen in the best possible meaning of the term: obsessive, whimsical, and really keen on animations.

There are two kinds of people: those who feel responsible for the quality of their work and those who couldn’t care less. We don’t invite the latter to MacPaw and everyone agrees it’s a fine arrangement.

The only ultimate goal of our every keystroke is a person on the other end of the app, completing their tasks with its help and going “I LIKE THIS. A LOT.”

Ask for help and help when asked. We agreed to treat each other as family and we mean every ounce of it. Nothing at MacPaw is someone else’s problem.

We like things fair. It means clean marketing and clear management. It also means being honest yet benevolent in teamwork. It’s not always easy and we don’t always agree but Slack is our witness, we try.

We’re not just ahead of the curve, the curve is a dot to us. We’ve seen Mars terraformed and C-beams glitter in the dark. We never stop, never hit limits, never feel content with our knowledge. When you’re at MacPaw, the only way is up.

Meet MacPawians

We love showing off our ridiculously talented team.

Meet Marina, our adorable SEO-specialist and the pure treasure of sarcastic humor.

Marina Apukhtina
SEO Specialist at MacPaw Inc.
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Say hello to Olga – talented and open-minded designer.

Olga Vtorenko
Designer at MacPaw Inc.
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Design – is a value. Who knows that better than a designer? Meet Kostia!

Kostia Osadchyi
Designer at MacPaw Inc.
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Do you know Tanya? Our charming English teacher and a big fan of Wes Anderson.

Tanya Soloviova
English Teacher at MacPaw Inc.
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Meet the multitasking guru & our office manager – Anastasiia.

Anastasiia Kukuruza
Office Manager at MacPaw Inc.
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Wave back at Anastasiia, Sales Representative at @setapp!

Anastasia Zavhorodnia
Sales Representative at MacPaw Inc.
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Feel cared for
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Of course we do.

MacPaw is You

There is no better way to put it. Burning the midnight oil fixing bugs and perfecting our app designs—it’s all for you.

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