Wallpaper Wizard 2

Beautiful wallpapers and backgrounds for Mac

Make your Mac even more beautiful with countless wallpapers and backgrounds. No more digging around in Google Images — just open the app, pick wallpapers that catch your eye, and let the Wizard do the trick.

Desktop images in HD quality and endless quantity.

There’s nothing more disappointing than a blurry background on a crisp Retina display. That’s why Wallpaper Wizard 2 includes only HD pictures. With some 25,000 images and new collections monthly, you won’t run out of HD backgrounds even if you set a fresh one daily.

4K wallpapers


25,000 images

updated monthly

There’s a wallpaper of anything, and it’s easy to find.

Whatever you want to see on your desktop — soothing nature or puzzling abstract art — you’ll find the right backgrounds with ease. Flip through featured collections, roam around in categories, or type in specific keywords to find a background that truly wows you.

Mountain lakes
Desert sand
Berlin library
Forest road
Beach & ocean
Old boat
Red flowers
Long exposure
The Moon

An all-new desktop as often as you please.

See a new desktop wallpaper whenever you look at your Mac without even having to open the app. Wallpaper Wizard is like your wallpaper playlist: just add all pictures you like to Roll, choose how often you’d like a new one, and enjoy the non-stop flow of beautiful imagery.

Up Next

Beauty for all your displays.

A 13-inch display on your MacBook Air or three 4K monitors connected to an iMac? No matter how many displays you’ve got, Wallpaper Wizard will give them a new background. Different for each or the same for all, and always a feast for the eyes.

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