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The VPN you’ll love using

ClearVPN 2 is the VPN re-imagined. It’s a beautifully designed, powerful app focused on delivering seamless user experience and unmatched privacy.

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Expand and secure your online activities hassle-free

Introducing the most intuitive VPN solution on the market. It requires no special technical skills. ClearVPN 2 is your master key to any corner of the internet.

Make your digital life
safe, private, and comfortable

ClearVPN 2 has a brand new interface without the clutter — only the essential tools you need to fully enjoy you online life.

Driven by user experience

Unlike other VPN solutions that look like a mere utility, ClearVPN 2 is designed to make your user experience that is both effortless and engaging to the senses. Our team is committed to creating tools defined by their elegance and simplicity.

Focused on your privacy

We’ve created an app that enriches your internet experience while safeguarding your digital wellbeing. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

Strict no-logs policy

We don’t store, share, or even collect your online activity, personal info, IP address, etc. We don’t have your data, nor do we need it.

Top-tier encryption

The industry-standard encryption we employ means your connection is always secure and your data private. Your online journeys should remain private and safe — not stressful.

Loved by VPN enthusiasts and regular folks alike

Vladyslav Kozlovskyy

Fantastic convenient and easy-to-use VPN client for macOS! It's not a secret that VPN is not an easy-to-understand technology. Different keys, certificates, connections, and passwords make this technology difficult to use for an average person. But ClearVPN surprised me. The great, convenient, and easy-to-use product I like to use.

Roman Kovalenko

One of the best VPN services I've used! Nice UI, great speed and enough servers all over the world.


Using it for a long time and want to admit that’s the easiest VPN I’ve ever seen. Everything works, and the speed is great!! Totally recommended.


Unlike other aps like this one, it actally works. Great company and am very supportive if Ukraine in all matters. Slava Ukaini! Herouyam Slava!

Rob M.

Very good & fast VPN service. The app for iOS is great, as is the PC version. Pitty the Mac version doesn't run on older OS versions. BBC iPlayer works! :)

Sambhav Gupta

This is my second time reviewing ClearVPN. In my previous review, I mentioned how good the VPN is and that they need to increase their data speeds. After various new updates, data speeds have increased significantly, and the user experience is much more enhanced than earlier. I would definitely recommend this VPN to all of my colleagues :)


The VPN service is a veritable panacea for online privacy and security. Its intuitive interface makes it a breeze to use, while its robust encryption protocols ensure that all of your data is kept safe from prying eyes. The service is also exceedingly fast, allowing for seamless streaming and browsing. In short, it is a consummate choice for anyone looking to safeguard their online identity.


Fast. Flexible. Best of the best.


This VPN is good because it offers many facility's for use. The interface on Mac, iOS and Windows is not quite the same but is easy in use for all. For iPad you need to download the iPhone app. But accept for the lack of a correct screenmode it works oke also. Great job and a very good price. (You can use it on five machines same account.)

ClearVPN 2

ClearVPN 2

Upgrade your online journey with ClearVPN 2

Experience the full potential of your digital life. Ensure your online privacy, access content, secure your browsing and more with one tap!

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System Requirements:

macOS 11.0 and higher, 90 MB


Starting at $5.00

Latest Version:

2.0.0, 23 June 2022

ClearVPN 2 ClearVPN 2
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