CleanMy®Phone New

Your careful iPhone cleaner app
Your happiest moments deserve to be stored in a neat and organized library. Available on iPhone and iPad, CleanMy®Phone helps trim chaotic photo clutter and clean up your iPhone.

Do you have too many photos to sort through?

Clean up iPhone storage with CleanMy®Phone

  • Clear duplicates,
    similars & other clutter
  • Test your network
  • Organize your
    photo library
  • Free up space
    in one tap


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Screen Recordings

Remove photo clutter

Snapping photos is easy — deciding what to do with them all can be a challenge. CleanMy®Phone scans your iPhone for blurred images, screenshots, and other clutter, letting you decide what needs to go.

Keep the best shot.
Let go of the rest.

Do you snap several pictures to get the perfect shot? CleanMy®Phone will identify copies, helping you pick the best picture and delete duplicate photos on iPhone.







Let AI organize your Camera Roll

With AI-powered technology, CleanMy®Phone categorizes and groups all your photos, presenting you with a neat list of folders. Review your pictures and choose images that will be removed.

Sort through all your photos in a quick tap

Don’t waste your time deleting pictures manually: CleanMy®Phone will clear out your Camera Roll and free up space in one tap. All you need is to press Scan.


Refresh your digital space

Powered by AI CleanMy®Phone helps organize and optimize iPhone storage.

Your important stuff remains untouched

Your most treasured memories are safe with CleanMy®Phone. Label your important and memorable shots as Sensitive so they will never be touched or removed.

No one sees your pictures but you

CleanMy®Phone doesn’t upload or store your photos — the cleaning magic is done locally on your device. Be confident, knowing only you can access your memories.

You decide what’s to delete

With CleanMy®Phone, you can always choose pictures you want to remove. Deleted something accidentally? No worries — recover the shot from the Recently Deleted folder on your device.


Upload speed

Download speed

Connection info

Test your download and upload speed to check whether your connection doesn’t hold you back.

Check if your connection won’t let you down

On top of all the great features, CleanMy®Phone allows you to run a network speed test. See if your connection is sufficient for streaming your favorite TV show.

Refresh your digital space

Powered by AI and featuring an easy-to-use interface, CleanMy®Phone helps organize and optimize iPhone storage, keeping you in charge of what stays and goes.

Available on iPhone & iPad