A suite of Mac apps for all tasks

Setapp is a single subscription with a huge collection of quality apps. For $9.99/month you get 100+ tools for any job, from blogging to web development.

10 seconds to find an app you need right now

Imagine having an app for every daily task on Mac just a click away. Find, install, and use right away — all in a few seconds.
I’ve used Setapp since it first launched. It’s crazily good value and simply the best way to get great apps from indie developers. I love it!
Barry Sampson, Co-Founder,
The More Than Blended Learning Company

100+ to explore and discover

Setapp collection has gems that you never knew existed. A lot of what you do on Mac can be done faster and better with an app, see for yourself.
Setapp is a smooth experience that easily makes some of the best Mac apps instantly available for less than what they would cost individually. It also helps me discover new apps should the need arise. I’m quite impressed!
Andrew Vernon,
Vernon Photography, Inc

Selected collection

Every app on Setapp passed a thorough screening and is of top quality. You can always be sure it does the job right.
Setapp! What a great find. So many apps that each do one thing—usually very, very well. I’m all over any technology that will make my life easier, my work better, and my progress faster—and do it in a beautifully designed way.
Douglas Spencer,
President, Spencer Brenneman Strategic Branding

Free from ads and extra charges

You don’t need to pay for every app, or deal with in-app purchases and upgrades. In Setapp, you get all of this for a single monthly fee of $9.99.
At $10 a month, Setapp is a no-brainer decision! It may be a new concept to pay for software on a subscription, but it really costs a lot less for what they offer. Even as a long-time Mac user, I did not know about most of the apps. Well done, Setapp. Recommended!
Fred Laxton,
Web Designer

You’re all set.

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