Think tasks, not apps

Setapp is a one-stop subscription to solving every task on Mac and iPhone. For $9.99/month you get 230+ tools for any task.

10 seconds to find the app you need now
Imagine having an app for every daily task on Mac just a click away. Find, install, and use right away — all in a few seconds.
I’ve used Setapp since it first launched. It’s crazily good value and simply the best way to get great apps from indie developers. I love it!
Barry Sampson, Co-Founder,
The More Than Blended Learning Company
Every app is a gem
Access to 230+ apps gives you the endless joy of discovery. You define the task, and Setapp makes sure you have the solution.
Setapp is a smooth experience that easily makes some of the best Mac apps instantly available for less than what they would cost individually. It also helps me discover new apps should the need arise. I’m quite impressed!
Andrew Vernon,
Vernon Photography, Inc
Curated collection
Every app on Setapp passed a thorough screening and is of top quality. You can always be sure it does the job right.
Setapp! What a great find. So many apps that each do one thing—usually very, very well. I’m all over any technology that will make my life easier, my work better, and my progress faster—and do it in a beautifully designed way.
Douglas Spencer,
President, Spencer Brenneman Strategic Branding

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Industry experts talk about Setapp

As someone who has used Setapp, it offers a much more pleasant user experience than the incumbent marketplace. It’s sleeker. It’s faster. And already, it has an impressive collection of premium apps you actually want.
Matthew Hughes
If you’re an avid Mac productivity app user, you know the cost of buying software can get a little out of control.
Thorin Klosowski
As I mentioned, I've been using Setapp for a few months. I absolutely love it... What I really like is the variety. If I'm looking for a type of app to use for a specific reason, I'll first look into my Setapp collection.
Lory Gil
It broadens horizons, introduces you to apps you may not otherwise hear about, and cuts the time required to search the Mac App Store for just the right app for your needs.
Jackie Dove
Kudos to MacPaw for having the gumption to try something new, particularly in a world that includes Apple’s Mac App Store.
Adam C. Engst


You have tasks, Setapp has apps

Setapp is a one-stop subscription to solving every task on Mac and iPhone. For $9.99/month you get 230+ tools for any task.

System Requirements:

macOS 10.12 and higher, 300 MB


Starting at $9.99

Latest Version:

3.37.1, 17 July 2024

*4.5 - rating for all versions, based on 915 user reviews.